It’s Carnival time

We take in the shows and Comedy Club (Chris Wiles) he has us snorting laughter right off the bat, omg.. laughter is soooo good for the soul and it never stops with him! We even got into some salsa dancing on the top deck by the pool last night, we are liking this ship very much.

oh I forgot, we had a little excitement outside our cabin before supper. Seems like the roof sprung a leak and it is pouring water! Remember we are on floor number one and ground zero (yes it is O on the elevator) is below us. Well there are like twenty maintenance men and an officer out there directing traffic and looking at the leak.

“Are we sinking?” Sharon asks.. just a little freshwater pipe leak, is the answer .Next time we look out, there are more officers stationed (we are like five doors down from the leak) outside our cabin.

Sharon and I look up our lifeboat drill station (station D aft) and what lifeboat we are on (eight)! By the way we do the lifeboat drill on every ship we board and it is a half hour or more of excruciating sweaty boredom that can’t be over fast enough and obviously we didn’t pay attention!!

We decide to dress and go for dinner, We have our priorities straight.. insert smiley face here. Oh, and we solved the dessert dilemma.. (we were trying to cut back). By the way being on floor number one has it’s advantages, we don’t feel any rocky rolly motion of the ship down here.. pretty smooth sailing! We like it.

We have decided that dessert should be its own food group and we need to cover all the food groups to be happy (I was going to write healthy but happy is way more appropriate here) and besides unhappiness breeds unhealthiness.. there I just made up another word and a great quote, don’t you think?

We have Docked at Cozumel(our second time here) and we decide to snorkel at a different beach with new friends Debbie (works for American Airlines and owns a beautiful home on Key Largo) and Pam, her sister from New Jersey (owns an RV park and has the winter off). We share a cab to a beach that is really decent, it is better than tour bussing it!

One hubby is too busy and the other is not a fan of cruising. Pam was in the craft class and although she sailed through the bracelet, she undid it too, and made it longer! She quit on her second flip flop because she run out of the colored balloons she wanted. (I was still on my first strands of bracelet).

Debbie says Florida is the place to be for winters, not California and the Keys are the best place.. hmmmmmm.I am looking for a little nest in the states to spend my winters. We spend a lazy day sunning and snorkeling, god.. does it get any better than this? It is wicked hot and we spend most of the day in the water.

I find a new phenomenon when snorkeling, there are all these schools of fish! These massive schools of fish are invisible to the eye above the water. I ended up snorkeling right into shore and made this amazing discovery! They are a shivery grey/blue,and I wonder how I never noticed this before.