About Me

I answer to Nana or Mom, sometimes hey you.. and ‘babe’, a past lovers pet name for me. I am old enough to have three boyfriends in their twenties, adding all their ages together, I would still outnumber them in age. I am kidding of course, after playtime we would need to converse and that would be a deal breaker.

An intelligent man turns me on, and I prefer someone over 60. My writing is about my observations on life so far and I write from my heart. Staying true to myself I don’t have to make anything up. I like my life and stuff happens to me all the time, or maybe I attract it? It’s not easy being old but the alternative doesn’t appeal to me either. If you can relate, commiserate or just feel better after reading my blogs, then I have done my job. If I have made you laugh out loud, even better.. thank you for reading.. really.

Working on retirement

Entrepreneur, two inventions (still in marketing)

Mom and Nana, two children and 5 grandchildren

Happily Single after 40 years of marriage

CEO/owner of five businesses, started from the ground up by me, and successfully sold.

Living My-Third Life .. my way