Allure of the seas (part five )

It’s takes us much longer than expected for the Dunn Falls trek , the ship is an hour away and Sharon our guide has taken us on a round-about trip to sightsee to get here so we run out of time for a snorkeling beach….darn !

On our round-a-bout we stop at a sight seeing hill for pictures and there we get free Wi-Fi and buy a drink. (10.00 and change). I mention all this because it is time to pay up and turns out we misunderstood our new best friend about how much this trip was going to cost hmmmmmm….Sharon Brown now wants 180.00 for the extra sightseeing (which we didn’t really care about since we wanted snorkeling beach time).

She is not smiling anymore since we only have 151.00, we tell her that is all we have after paying entry for the falls and the drink stop. oh hell.. and here I was feeling bad about not having tip money, Ishould mention here that we have not had lunch either, so we could be a little bit cranky.

Well Sharon Brown will probly not be visiting me in Canada now.. but the day, if not the relationship was somewhat saved because I had sneaked my debit card with me (just in case of an emergency, we don’t take our cards because they seem to be attracted to shoes and jewelry).

There is a debit machine nearby and I take out a hundred dollars and give my newest almost best friend 50.00 and now I get a big hug.. but I do not give her my address. We chalk it up and figure we got great insight into the Jamaican mindset and the economy we never would have got for 35.00.. right? Lol

We get back in time for the spa routine, get dressed for the captains reception and even have time for a drink, I make mine a sprite. My new resolve melts when Ziggy offers to make me a Caesar (that man makes stuff appear like magic!) all the other bartenders had assured me that clamato juice does not exist on this ship….. hmmmmm

Captains party is pretty good , they put on a decent show with the singers from Chicago and recognize the guests that have 800 and 900 cruising days under their belts.. they are all 100 years old and in wheelchairs.. hahaha I am just kidding, but it is scary don’t these people have a life? Ok.. so I take a few cruises too, ya, no life. Lol

Dinner is a wash cause we ate too many appetizers at the bar.. we were a little ravenous after our trek!

We sneak out halfway through the main course and fall into bed.. ! oh hell, that is not true, we end up following a winding corridor going down and end up in a Las Vegas Casino for Christ sakes.. bloody hell! My heart starts pounding and my hands get shaky and all of a sudden I am filled with energy.. for one glorious minute!

Oh My God.. Vegas built a casino on this ship ! I am not exaggerating when I say it is huge.. there is even a smoking and a non smoking side, thank god this feeling only lasts a minute and we head to our room.. whew,that was close!

We are at sea today and this is when I take time to write all this.. this is like a job, but if I don’t write it down I forget.. hmmmm what day is this anyway? We just do nothing today, well that’s not true either we resisted a sale on the promenade and we booked a tour for tomorrow in Cozumel, we get to snorkel and see Mayan ruins under the sea……

  • ok I’m done……..