my pearly whites.. jelly bean/bird rescue

My Pearly Whites and a Jelly Bean/Bird Rescue

I have said many times I don’t need to make shit up and today was a good example of this.

Waking at 5:00 am this morning I notice a text the night before from my oldest granddaughter. Do you want to pick me up at 11:00 am and we’ll go for an iced coffee and Sallys (a beauty supply store) but I have to be home at 1:00 pm? I scroll through my social media and then read some news and at 6:30 am I text her back. I ask if she wants to come for a swim at my condo and we can go for breakfast after, if so I’ll come to pick her up in 20 minutes.  She texts back “omg are you serious?” I text back “yes” and she “OK” I jump out of bed and into my bathing suit.

I pick her up and we get back to my place at 7:30 am. One of my neighbors is crouched down in front of a bush in front of the building and directly in front of my parking spot. I shout out to her as we exit my car for the pool “what the heck are you doing?” “I’m feeding a baby bird,” she says, holding an eyedropper and a glass of liquid. We close in for a better look and there is this tiny baby bird its mouth wide open and squawking like crazy.

Turns out she has been feeding it since Wednesday or Thursday. Well, this is Sunday morning and we have just come through a record-breaking heatwave where our temp was 106F on Friday. This same woman also decided she needed a puppy in January, and has since walked this same puppy SEVEN times each and every day.. and that is why I decided on a cat (another story for another blog).

We can’t believe this tiny featherless bird has survived this long and she is so torn. She says “it is going to need worms,” I say “where are you going to find worms around here?” She already has that figured out, her mom has a garden. We chit-chat a bit and I say “are you going to chew the worms first?” Well, I thought it was funny, but the funny part is me, a great big smile on my face and my front tooth missing. I keep forgetting about my missing tooth. My front capped tooth has broken off the week before and I’m now into my second week without my front tooth. I forget this only because I never go anywhere and if I do I always wear a mask, thank God for masks. We leave my neighbor to her feeding and continue on to the rec building where the pool is located.

My granddaughter and I spend an hour in the pool catching up with our lives, well her life actually, seems I don’t have one since this pandemic. Her mom has been trying to find me some tooth cement on amazon so I can cement my crown back on, but not having much luck. We discuss various options for me and she comes up with a white kidney bean that can be wedged into the gap and trimmed. I have nothing to lose, a looming wedding has me not wanting to go looking the way I do. I only need a temporary fix until I can get back to Yuma Az. where my dentist has an office 15 minutes across the border in Algodones, Mexico. When our borders open up in Canada I will be able to drive down there. We are talking four thousand to seven thousand dollars for a dentist here for a bridge or an implant as opposed to fifteen hundred for an implant in Mexico.

After breakfast, we venture out to the bulk barn on the hunt for white kidney beans, which in reality is a white navy bean. I know, I thought that was pretty funny as well, when you don’t have much of a life you take what you can get.  So the white navy bean turns out to have some flecks in it and did not fit the bill. We also looked at white minty candy things but figured they would just melt away. AND then we spotted them.. pearly white jelly beans, freaking perfect for the job needed. Purchasing a handful was 4.56 a little pricey but better than 700 dollars for a flippy denture thingy I was considering until I could get back to my dentist down south. AND.. my grandaughter pointed out, I could cut them in half, bonus lol.

I drop off my granddaughter at her place and my spirits are really high from our time spent together, my life is full and I am grateful. I park my car in my parking spot and before I get out I notice a bird on the bush in front of the building with a long worm hanging from its mouth. At first, this does not register with me and then all of a sudden it dawns on me.. the mother bird has brought a worm for the baby bird in the bush! Wow, this is amazing and my neighbor is going to be thrilled she doesn’t have to dig for worms for this tiny creature. I jump out of my car to relate what I saw to my neighbor and she is thrilled to hear this.

My heart is full as well, it is the little things in my life right now that bring me such joy. This pandemic is not all bad, life is precious I know but sometimes we get caught up in stuff beyond our control and we forget to appreciate the little things.. like pearly white jelly beans and baby birds…

Update this morning: I spotted no less than four birds making trips to that bush, leading me to believe that this has become a group effort in the bird community. I am in awe of this new development.

Copyright July 5th, 2021