We are in our ‘Glory on Carnival’

Well.. well.. well.. now why the heck does everyone roll their eyes when you say Carnival? What a surprise this ship is.. our room is the biggest yet, overall.. bathroom is small but not as small.. AND.. we have our magnifying mirror back in bathroom, yes! I have to say.. it is the small things like this that make the difference.

Closet space is best of all three and so is the safe (gotta safeguard all this jewelry we have been amassing lol). We have a big window and are on the waterline again but we are impressed with our new ‘digs’ and give it a two thumbs up!

 We have a theatre under the stars by the pool, it is called a ‘Dive In Theatre’. There are no warm blankets and popcorn delivered to our lounge chairs.. like on Princess cruises, darn.

This is such a treat, anyway, and we watch ‘the Miracle’ about the whales trapped in the ice in Alaska.There is just something magical about watching a movie under the stars while cruising on the ocean in warm balmy weather.

 This ship is no slouch, with around 4000 passenger’s and crew.. ok I’m not sure, but it is a ‘big one’ . (I did a quick check and it is 4000 to 5000 when full capacity).

We take full advantage of the free steam rooms in the spa as well as private pool and Jacuzzi. Oh my goodness, what is this.. robes  in our room, this is usually an upgrade on other ships!!

 This morning after breakfast (brunch) we take in an arts and crafts class (I feel like we are back in kindergarten) ‘knotted bracelets’ which are now right up there with hateful origami birds.

I mention to the baby (why are all these employees so young?) that is our instructor.. and anyone else that is listening that I am really gifted with a knife.

I can carve almost anything out of fruit and vegetables.. and they look at my pathetic bracelet and their eyes glaze over and they murmur among themselves.. geeze!

The baby instructor gives me a bag with a pair cheap flip flops and a bag of colourful balloons that you tie around the plastic loops.. oh hell, ’beam me up scotty’, crafts are not my forte, and I am outta there! My sister is artsy crafty person I will save them for her.

 This is definitely the ‘Fun ship’ we get the ‘Fun times’ delivered every night containing ‘All in a days play’ inside with happenings on board. We have been on board since Sunday and it is Wednesday already, where has the time gone?

 The party life  has us up past midnight (not by much though) every night  so far. We cut out the alcohol (too expensive ….well , not really cause we are not drinkers ) but it tends to make us just want to turn in early , that is , unless we decide to get into it , which we haven’t yet, well maybe once.. but I think Ziggy was giving us triples lol. We like the atmosphere a lot on this ship!