first week of diabetes journey with my friend (part two)

Well just a quick update on my friends journey. She has lost eight pounds already in her quest for an alternative to needles. Her imagination at making different kind of meals sucks! I only wish she could exercise for me and I could cook for her!

She is really getting into the exercising while I still have not hit the treadmill, I am feeling bad about that. I found a great recipe for ‘pasta in a pot’ that I will post here. A new board on my pinterest will be for this particular blog. Trying new recipes and giving hints for making dull and boring .. fun and exciting is my goal !!

Researching has been more of a quest for me, the exercising will come , I hope.. well soon. The meals are going to be fun to make and I think wraps will be something that is definitely what I like.

Sharon is doing dry toast and peanut butter.. ugh, for breakfast, and tuna salad with a dollop of mayo for supper, which sounds equally ugh-ugh to me. My challenge is going to be cooking for myself.. like who really cooks for themselves?

Yesterday I baked a potatoe and instead of putting on butter or margarine I cut off a quarter of the potatoe and tried Kraft calorie wise Balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing! This was to my liking, but I am not a sour crème person anyway, so don’t know how this will go over. I then had the rest of it with Salsa mixed with a little ‘ground fresh Chile paste’ (I mixed together and warmed it up in the micro first) and that was really good.

Sharon is going to look for something better to take her blood sugar level. Pinpricking her fingers is making her cranky. Ok an update on that, she needs only take the pin prick test twice a day every other day. Another update (she has just come from Dr. office when I call her) seems the weight she lost may be due to being pre-diabetic .. this is one of the symptoms.

While on this subject I have to share this. My friends husband qualifies as a senior in Alberta and my friend gets a monitor and 100 strips for 16.00 at the pharmacy. Regular price for these strips is 100.00 and the monitor is that pricey as well! That is a lot of money to outlay for something you really need to have! I am in shock and decide to find out how much it is here in Saskatchewan.

She is on her way to buying groceries. I cajole her into buying wraps and tell her about my balsamic dressing on my potatoe. She already knows of my salsa baked potatoes as we have travelled the world together, and that is what I always have on mine (if I can get it). She now shows an interest in this asks how much sugar in the salsa?(silly girl, salsa is almost like a free food group) I hope she picks some up, we’ll see.

I tell her once again about the pasta pot (my goal is to get her interested and trying some fun stuff). We end the conversation with pledging to make this work. Now where are those sneakers….

To be continued…