Am I alone on this?????


Yes I’m a senior and yes I tend to whine a bit, well ok maybe a lot. The thing is, the government doesn’t pay us enough to be old, so we have to manage our money accordingly. I haven’t done this and unfortunately or maybe fortunately, I may have to kick the bucket earlier than I may like.

So it is I made a decision this morning to treat myself to coffee and a bagel, maybe even splurge and get a breakfast bagel. I checked my Tim’s app and then I checked my McDonalds app and then made a well-thought-out decision. This took a while because I happen to have a while… lot’s of whiles actually, retirement gives you that and it’s free.

Oh, and getting those apps on my phone could be another blog, it ain’t easy being older than dirt.. and trying to navigate this techie shit.

So once I made up my mind I happily sat in line at McDonald’s, the line-up to Tim’s was equally long. Both places are two blocks from me, I know I could have walked there but that’s not the point of this story.. so we won’t go there :  )

I tell the discombobulated voice on the post what I would like and I say “PLEASE don’t put cheese on it and could you butter my everything bagel?” She says “cheese does not come with it” and I say “that’s even better.”

I get to the pay window and flash my code on my phone, I give her five loonies and the rest in quarters. She counts it and says do you have another ten cents? I have a momentary panic attack because I didn’t bring my purse. I always carry spare change in the pocket of my car and I had counted it out beforehand to make sure I had enough. Well, I did find a ten-cent piece and felt like I won the lottery.

Ok.. onto the next window. “You’re having the breakfast bagel meal?” she asks “yes I am” I reply. She passes me the bag, then my coffee. I say “black coffee one sugar?” she says “that’s right.” Now I want to check my breakfast bag but I refrain, last time I was here they forgot the hash browns. I know some of you are thinking ‘she really doesn’t need the hash browns’ but they were included with the sandwich on the app and it was free. So I took one for the team, only to check and see there was no hash brown in the bag (am I the only one that does this?) Now to be fair, they checked also and put a new one in. When I got home I found the original one flat and hiding underneath the egg McMuffin (no cheese btw, they got that right). Of course, I ate it as well, someplace in the world people are starving ya know.

Filling my order properly seems to be a problem or does it happen to others as well? I don’t usually do fast food, obviously because it is not healthy and also it’s not free either, damn. So when I do decide to splurge and treat my health poorly but keep my psyche happy it’s important to get my order right. It’s not like I have lots of ‘whiles’ to take it back .. I do, but that’s not the point.

So here are my pictures of what I ordered and what I got and you know what.. a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, it’s so true. I received a plain bagel with cheese (which I tried to scrape off) and will you look at that lettuce? I’m sorry McDonald’s but you get a major fail!

Please up your game, you have had a fantastic run with this pandemic for those of us held hostage to your offerings and service. It’s time now to pay your employees more money, retrain them on details, service, and delivery and give us the paying customers, a better deal than what we are getting.

The end

I shoulda went to Tims, sigh.. (I always check my orders there too ; )