Diagnosis.. Diabetes, my friends journey into the unknown.. I decide to follow (partone)

Yesterday my friend apologized for being whiny and cranky.. well I figure if you can’t whine to your friends once in awhile then what good are they? She then proceeded to tell me.. well this is all in text messages because who picks up the phone anymore?

Ok back up just a bit, we always have the phone with us but most of us communicate through text messaging. Weird huh? Anyway, my friend texts me that she has been diagnosed with diabetes.. she was down and feeling pretty bad. I don’t know everything that was going through her head except one thing for sure.. I needed to inject some light here somewhere!

We are pretty close and I am feeling her pain and bewilderment, my mind is racing, what can I say? Then it comes to me.. we will do this together!!!

I need to lose some weight and although I hit the pool most days I could sure use some land exercising.(walking comes to mind.. unfortunately I will never run again, but I never did run anyways) My friend needs to lose weight and exercise as well. She will be on pills, I will not, although I do forsee a lot of Advil in my future.

First off is the veggies and salad thing.. (that was her first lament) we decide to make this the interesting part. We will plan some meals that can be used for two days. Most important part is this.. we will make our meals beautiful and mouthwatering! No plain so-so food here, has to be healthy, nourishing and have lots of eye appeal.

YEP.. we need to take pictures of our meals and send them to each other EVERYDAY! or every other day if the meal is to last for two days. Oh my goodness, when I got off the phone, my first thought.. I never cook for myself, what was I thinking? Second thought was oh crap.. WHAT am I going to need for groceries?

Now I need to google diabetes and find out what foods are good and what aren’t. I need a crash course on diabetes to educate myself. I find a website that looks kinda decent and start reading. Well I read a lot of stuff, and some stuck with me and some didn’t.

Like right now I am wondering what to have for breakfast which is supposed to be very important! I need to find my sneakers because I committed to 10 minutes on the treadmill today, but I do the pool first and now I am off balance… oh hell, first day and already I am a little lost wtf?

One thing pops into my head right now.. the article said ‘drink more coffee’ .. oh good, I am going to get my second cup right now, and plan some sort of strategy….

I wonder how my girlfriend is doing this morning?

To be continued….

one pot pasta