The Techie NOT in me (do revision)

I wanted to put a stick of dynamite up this computer’s butt, my frustration was at an all-time high. Seeing as how this ‘P.O.S surface’ does not have a butt, and I don’t have any dynamite, I decide it is time for plan B. (P.O.S surface is ‘piece of shit’ Microsoft Surface Tablet)


P.O.S  in hand I march into Future Shop for the second time since I bought it last year… well I have been here a few times, I forgot my charging cord on a road trip last fall with my granddaughter and niece ($70.00  to replace that baby).

Then in September with my iPhone full of pictures, I head there yet again after a frustrating day trying to transfer pictures from my iPhone (5) to this P.O.S Surface. (see related story: Eve and the Apple iPhone).

I spend the better part of my afternoon there, but get complete satisfaction from seeing that it took three technicians three hours to get my pictures from my phone to my P.O.S Surface. They eventually put them in a ‘drop box’ and voilà! I have what I want.

With my regular computer and a regular phone and camera I NEVER had trouble transferring pictures! That was one skill that I did possess. (My techie skills are very limited at best).

See I look at it this way, I pick up what I need to know on a need-to-know basis. But if I don’t use it, then I lose it. Sort of like sex I guess, “use it or lose it”. (I personally like my cake) see:  ‘Sex and Cake’.

So here I am back at Future Shop, I have acknowledged that this P.O.S Surface has gotten the best of me and now I am gonna suck up my losses and buy a real computer. The only reason I wanted the tablet was convenience when I travel and I loved the camera feature on the tablet.

Oh… and let me tell you about this camera feature. While in New Orleans (first trip after buying the tablet) I couldn’t figure out how to work the camera on the tablet. After much frustration, I gave up and used my real camera.

I do have one picture on the tablet and it is a video of a pigeon walking in front of us while we are sitting on a bench beside the Mississippi River trying to figure out how to work the dam thing!!!

While waiting between planes in an airport I mention my frustration to a young guy sitting beside us. He says let me take a look, after I say if he can make it work then I will keep it. We power it up and he proceeds to take all sorts of pictures and videos of us in the airport.

While we were looking for a place to touch to take these pictures apparently touching anywhere on the screen is sufficient hence the pigeon video omg! Geeze…

Flash forward and I am now doing online banking I know, but it took me being behind on all my bills because of my traveling, to finally realize I needed to update my life. I am trying to transfer money online in e-debit or whatever it is but my ‘P.O.S Surface’ will not allow it!

I am on the phone with technical assistance at the banking institution trying to delete the pop-up blocker on this P.O.S and she is saying bring down the tools bar from the left-hand corner of your computer. I know what she wants but I don’t have that bar… nor can I find it anywhere! After a futile half hour.. plus the hours of my own futile attempts before I decided I needed assistance, I hang up and make the decision to get rid of this ‘P.O.S  surface’!

This brings me full circle back to Future Shop. I get the same guy that did my ‘drop box’ and he is patient and not only takes off the pop-up blocker but re-installs the dropbox that I had deleted (don’t know why or how I did that). He then helps me download 1143 pictures (I have been doing lots of traveling) and shows me how to download them in order to send them.KD

I am overwhelmed but thankful that I don’t have to buy a new computer! I decide to send the money transfer while I am in the
store … just in case!!

Of course, it doesn’t work for me… and along comes K.D. …”can I help you?” he asks. When I explain,  he looks at it and touches the screen, and voilà it is done…! Wow

He then says to me “oh look, you have a Windows 8.1 free download you need to install it!”

“NO NO NO … !”  I say to him, “everyone told me not to do it because I will have too much trouble!”.

“YOU NEED TO DO THIS,” he says,” it will make everything easier”! At this point, I’m having NONE OF IT! He doesn’t give up on me and calls in a technician. “See”, he explains Windows 8.1 was developed by all the really smart tech people for years in the making and it will solve all the problems that you are having.”

AAAHHHHH… now I get it !!! I have been working with Windows 8 all along. K.D. has convinced me to do the download and I bring it in the next morning for this operation.

When I pick it up I also pick K. D. s brains on what would be best for me. I leave with a new keyboard and a wireless printer/copier. He gives me a deal on the keyboard & my bill comes to $170.00 with no charge for the download of course.

I will see him again to sync my printer with this tablet, as I am through doing this shit on my own.

K.D. is my new go-to person and I am sticking with Future Shop. I think when you developed a relationship with people you trust then you need to give them the business. Every time I go to Future Shop they have been most helpful to me and ALWAYS give me not only good service but respect as well.

I have never felt pressured to buy something and they don’t give up when I don’t understand most of what is required to run all this techie stuff, oh well that is why they have people like K.D.

5 thoughts on “The Techie NOT in me (do revision)

  1. Ok teckie there is no picture, better go back to future shop and have one installed. 🙂

    1. Ok Lonesomegrannie here is your picture… isn’t he cute? I am going back to see him so he can sync my wireless printer to this ‘Surface’.I am loving my new keyboard, so much easier to use! Thanks for the comment.

    1. Actually … you have to click on the words Pigeon video and it takes you to YouTube … ah… but it is a sad little video… but alas … wait for it…it is a New Orleans pigeon for sure… lol

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