A short Jaunt in Columbia

It’s dawn, and it’s hot and muggy. We are in Colombia (Cartagena) and it is so humid that sweat starts pouring off as soon as we leave the ship. We walk through a garden (zoo?)  that is filled with parrots roaming free, pink flamingos and monkeys hanging out in the mango trees. It’s really kind of  exciting and Sharon and I realize we don’t remember this place . I think we took a tour right from the dock last time we were here.

We are going solo …no booked tours….and taxi guys start harassing us right away to take us on a personal tour. They are being very aggressive and we almost give up and go back to the ship until a minibus guy waves us over and has two seats left if we hurry.

Did I mention we are melting from the humidity and heat? We ask if he has air conditioning he says yes and we are in! So for Twenty bucks we are in for a three hour tour (the song from Gilligans Island just popped into my head).

We take in the ‘old city ‘ and view some of the fortresses and walls that protected the city from invaders , built in the 15th century and incredibly well preserved.

Our tour guide is from Toronto (but born and raised in Columbia) for the last ten years but spends his winters here. His goal is to open a barber shop in Calgary.  He confides in me that he can cut anyone’s hair… I snort and say “so can I” ( I owned three hair salons in my first life).  “And you should come to Saskatchewan,  then you will really appreciate Columbia in the winter.”

He also tells us that it rains for eight months straight in Columbia ….really?? wow

He takes us to all his relatives crafts and trinkets places and I get the impression (ya….I am a slow learner) that this is all a great thing they have going. Pick up the green horns from the ship and take them to spend their money at your favorite spots where you get a kick back…. throw in some sight seeing and you have a captive audience.

We refrain from bringing back any emeralds which Columbia is known for. I don’t have room for coffee beans and nobody will let us bring back drugs ….so we buy a straw hat and bottled water. God it was a grueling three hours and we are hot and tired and fall into our air-conditioned broom closet on our return and have a glorious nap before rousing ourselves to head back up to the pool .

Supper has us sitting with the Jersey couple again and I have a feeling he may be famous for something but they don’t outright say it. He kinda looks like David Suzuki only white and six feet tall and lots of curly white afro ish hair ….well maybe it is the glasses …

We decide we are going to get his last name and google him, now we need to run into them again.

The show tonite is a Tenor singing a variety of songs and he is very good. Sharon very graciously came with me even though I dissed her country music the night before.. she is a much better person than I am.

Dazzies has a version of dancing with the stars and once again it is freezing in there or maybe we have just had too much sun today… the upstairs lounge has a latin singer and hardly any people , so we call it a night. ARUBA tomorrow !

Oh and we didn’t take a pass on the dessert because it was no sugar added.. well it is start.. right?