Be careful what you put in your mouth.. just sayin

Marketplace is a Canadian watchdog type of show for consumers. Last night I watched a piece they did on our shopping habits. Turns out (no surprise here) that we are reading labels and trying to eat healthier. We also want our fish caught not only humanely but from the wild and not ‘farmed’.

I personally will not eat farmed salmon. I actually gag at the thoughts of eating the farmed and consequently don’t eat much salmon. Canned is a different matter, I reach for the canned salmon a lot, yes.. I am starting to ‘cook’ like a man. See cans are much easier to just open and eat! I justify it by telling myself how healthy I am being, getting my omega 3 essential fish oils…

But I didn’t sit down here to write about my lazy cooking habits. By the way all that fish we are buying is not all wild (like they claim) and that cod you are buying is sometimes haddock or horrors.. Pollack! Ya I know.. I am pissed too!

But we have a more imminent problem on our plate and I for one am really concerned. I always knew that most chicken was contaminated with e coli or salmonella. Being careful to not cross contaminate counters, utensils and touching chicken then touching other stuff… WASH YOUR HANDS!

Cooking it well is also a given.. so what is the problem? WELL.. it turns out that most and by MOST, they are saying pretty much 50% of the chicken sold in our stores and supermarkets are testing positive for … wait for it… THE SUPERBUG !! That bug that is hard to kill because of our over use of antibiotics’ !

Turns out the guy they are interviewing for the show almost died from eating contaminated chicken!!! Btw he is one of the heads of our Canadian disease control agencies. He took months to recover and his story is scaring the crap outta me!

I think the scariest part is the handling of the chicken. This should not be rocket science here, but when tested using precautions like washing hands thoroughly and even using rubber gloves, and being very careful (one gal washed her hands three times), these women still had traces of that bug on a bowl, a handle on the frying pan and on the hands. They were still very contagious!

Now what does this mean to me?

I am a level headed, of average intelligence woman and I am not prone to rash decisions, BUT no more chicken for me, uh uh! Besides, it doesn’t come in a can (well I have never ¬†eaten canned chicken). I wonder if that applies to those rotisserie ¬†ones? hmmmmmmm … now that could be a problem!!!

Update: that was in 2012, I have looked it up to see if it is still true and my findings are not good. I am not fond of chicken since viewing that show and I was in the business of food. The food safe ‘food handlers’ course that everyone is obligated to take had already scared me away from chicken.

At that time I didn’t fall into the under five yrs. and over 60 yrs age group. I am not a scientist nor am I an alarmist, but that show left a bad taste in my mouth. Almost all of the chicken sold in grocery stores is contaminated and that is a fact. You need take caution preparing it.. and that is a fact! And I am lazy.. and that is a fact..

When eating out I never order chicken, well Kentucky Fried gets a pass and so does the rotisserie chickens in supermarkets. Here’s a news flash, turkey is a culprit too. May as well put ground beef in there but we all know we need to cook ground beef well done!

Now here is what I want to put out there on my blog today. For those of us over 6o yrs of age, how has your health been lately? I don’t know about you but I seem to be catching a lot of colds and flu-like illnesses in the past few years, hmmm.. they linger on forever it seems. I’m just saying we’re not getting any younger, we are now in the susceptible age group. Sammy salmonella is everywhere!

In my google search to see if food born illnesses are changing.. it does not bode well. Those anti-biotics are going to kill us in the end I’m sure. The SUPER BUG is here to stay and it is alarming to read about. Climate change may even take second place to this super bug.. lordy lordy, what are we doing to ourselves?

My Sunday Rant is this.. be careful what you eat, especially in other countries. No country is immune, but India seems to be a hotbed for these bugs, probably because they have such a huge population.

Beware out there and practice good food safety habits.