The Missing Dress

Being disorganized is not for the feint of heart.

Not knowing where you put that bill that’s overdue … trying to find keys , earrings and shoes is a pain, but how do you lose a dress???? It has to be in the closet or the laundry, right?

drss_1Ok , so I forgot about my luggage. I know, an organized person would have unpacked it all a month ago when getting home from the last trip!

Nope , not there either… hmmm… looking through all the drawers was senseless, I would never put a dress in a dresser…

HEY!  That’s a kind of an oxymoron isn’t it (a dress in a dresser/ could mean two things ,  kind of ironic, a play on words.. ok all this is for my grand daughters benefit , she has taken to reading my blogs).

So that elusive dress must be in ‘purgatory’ (this place is inhabited by millions of single socks from clothes dryers from around the world) along with all the other stuff I can’t find when I want it!!!

I go to plan B and wear the dress I wore yesterday… see, I know where THAT one is…right beside my bed where I took it off , don’t you just love polyester… it  never wrinkles? Now why did this great material get such a bum rap in the seventies? Did you know that a polyester bathing suit will never die???

It’s true, I have one that I have been wearing for at least 10 years. This is my backup suit for the pool in my condo, which destroys every bathing suit I buy. The new ones last a couple months , tops, I go to the pool every morning for aqua fit class (ok… so it is me with my ipod and good intentions for a grueling workout) works for me …insert smiley face here.

This back up suit is a brand name Nike’ suit, the innards are shredded but hanging in there (they weren’t made of polyester) , the suit is still a deep blue and ugly as sin, but then no one uses this pool in the early morning so I don’t care. Now where was I….hmmmm… oh , right… I was looking for my dress….

I do write things down , on every scrap of paper I can find. Sometimes if it is really important I will jot it down on the inside of the palm of my hand. (I do have some class… I would never write it where anyone could see)  but …I did wash my hands a couple times and forgot…..ah well.

Organized people (and you know who you are) really do need to have some compassion for those of us that lack your abilities.I have recently thought about this and have come to the conclusion that you must be a happier more contented lot, you get to have ‘guilt free’ leisure time.. and much  more of it as well!!

For instance you would have that extra 10 minutes that I wasted looking for a dress in purgatory. You wouldn’t have spent an hour at the motor vehicles branch sorting out the lapsed insurance on your car and them trying to find where you sent that on-line payment to.

You probably would have had that paper bill, in hand, with the amount on it! I know it was more than a thousand but less than twelve hundred (turns out it was 1108.00).

Oh hell… what do you mean my condo insurance is lapsed too??? Well the upside is that everything will be due now in May , when I have access to my mail and a phone,  and not January when I am away in some other Country escaping these frigid winters.dress_2

See… being organized has got to be what heaven is like, being able to find whatever you want whenever you want it… (wow, that was a powerful statement, even just writing it down) I can only dream!

I really admire organized people and I sincerely mean it even if I do make fun of them sometimes…  I am secretly envious! Their dress or pants will never see purgatory,  but the biggest bonus of all is when they have free time it is really FREE…. a disorganized person will never have that, because …well you know why…

epilogue … I did find that elusive dress, it was at the end of my bed… the side I don’t sleep on, under some folded laundry (good thing it is polyester) that made it to the end of my bed…  but not into the drawers.

Geeze… now maybe I will find that paper copy of my drivers license that needs to be renewed by tomorrow !…and why didn’t I take care of that while I was at the motor vehicles and insurance place this week …dam….

Ah well…. guess I’ll go meet my cousin at the farmers market , there is nothing here that can’t wait for another day…..