Funerals & egg salad sandwiches

The buns are ready and the egg salad is in the fridge… I just have to call my newly resurrected best friend, (see story…  Today I got my best friend back).

IMG_0060The call from my friend about her hubby passing away was heartfelt and I naturally wanted to ‘do something’.

We are talking in her living room while her dog (I am not a dog lover) is licking my toes. I am trying to concentrate on what she is saying.

Why is it that the more I ignore these animals the more the  dogs want to maul me?It is not just her dog , although hers is hard to ignore for the sheer size of him!

I hear her say that her hubby particularly liked funerals because of the egg salad buns… and I immediately offer to bake all the buns and make egg salad buns for the service.

Flash forward and the turnout for the service is huge… and now I am worried I didn’t make enough.

Being a caterer I always have that moment of panic at most events, it is catering trait I think. We ALWAYS have lots of food ( except that one time….hmmm) anyway, one rule (that we practice)  is always put last what you think you may not have enough of.

Soooo… we put the potato salad last on the buffet table,  next up are the egg salad buns , a half bun with egg salad on top. The tables allotted for our food are not nearly long enough and the table is crammed with food items AND dessert!

The funeral home was contracted to serve the food and clean the tables , do coffee and tea drinks. We set the food up and my daughter is helping replenish big time because twice as many people show up.

I am visiting with the people my girlfriend and I both know and I am noticing a strange phenomena…  the guests are putting potato salad in their buns…wth?

I suppose they see the egg buns directly after potato salad and decide that they can put in their own egg salad which is really potato salad…omg. There is no room anywhere to move stuff around , actually there is barely room to move around it is so crowded.

Well… half the guest are through already and I make the decision to keep my mouth shut and just go with the flow…see these people were waiting a long time already for the family to get back from the plot so they can eat.

I am even starting to find the humour in it (stress relief , I think) and we can see from our table who is opting for potato salad in their bun and who is taking the egg salad bun. omg…

Flash forward I go sit with my friend and she finally has a chance to eat. The food is gone (we had lots,  and my daughter has taken all the leftovers back to the kitchen) my friend didn’t want any.

We are discussing how everything went when I notice her bun as she picks it up … hmmm… it has potato salad in it (her sister made the plate for her). omg… I quickly tell her what has happened and she bursts out laughing and we are all laughing now.

This is a week and a half later and at the infamous breakfast she is telling me how everyone is calling her and our ‘lunch’ is getting rave reviews and some want to know who catered it. This makes her hungry for the egg salad that she missed every call she gets.

Ok I’m done here , I just wanted to share this because we will laugh about this for years to come and it will become the egg salad funeral story.

I need to pack up these buns and get this egg salad into a container … I am on my way to my girlfriends house.

I think I will put on some socks….


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