Three-day rule.. company and fish?

My uncle and me at The Celtic Knot a fav place. Spending the kids inheritance.

Terminal yes .. but you’re not dead yet, I want to see you excited and hear your wisdom and see you witness surprise and joy at just being here! Let me start out by saying I am not fond of doctors, I like my own doctor but that’s it, and sometimes I don’t trust him either. Giving my Uncle a ‘three months to live’ diagnosis his Dr. could have included wiggle room. (my opinion only)

The diagnosis was November or October last year.. I’m happy to say he is still here. Thank goodness he is not in pain, although he has opioids just in case. If he doesn’t use them I told him to leave them to me.. I could use a break once in awhile, or a little extra cash (ok.. so I am just kidding).

Going to visit him, I broke my own rule about company and fish, they both start to stink after three days. Staying five days was stretching it, but his kids kept feeding us these wonderful suppers and you know how I love food. They put a lot of thought and love into it because I am a vegetarian, or they could’ve been cursing me while making it (freaking vegetarians!). I’ll never know…

rigatoni parmesan, very nice!

What I do know for sure is that my Uncle is an honest and caring man and I enjoy being in his company. I hate that he is dying and hate it even more that he is ready and waiting. He was also waiting on me, like making my coffee and wanting to make me breakfast and cleaning up messes I would make. Am I high maintenance, I wonder.. maybe the reason why I am still single? hmmmm

We went out for supper the first night, “spending my kids inheritance” is what he said. From that night on his kids arranged meals for us “saving our inheritance money” is how they put it. Either way it was a great set-up and one I was reluctant to leave. I highly recommend his place if you are in Edmonton ‘two thumbs up!’

His daughter (one of his twins) made us rigatoni pasta with spinach, mushrooms and cheese, she rarely cooks btw, her hubby is Italian and the cook in the family. His oldest daughter.. made a delicious sweet potatoe curried soup that I selfishly put dibs on the leftovers. I brought it home with me and just had it for breakfast.. see picture.

His daughter and her dad checking out the fish aquarium.

His other twin daughter invited us over for the ‘family recipe’ ribs. She too stepped up and made a southwestern Mediterranean salad (I know.. a contradiction in terms) but it is the only way I can explain it.. it was over the top. The ribs made me want to cry though, they looked and smelled soooo good. sigh….. I wanted to poke my eyes out and stick tampons up my nose so I didn’t have to see or smell them.. that scenario is still in my head… not the tampons .. geez

His only son, unfortunately dropped the ball, no supper there. To be fair .. he did invite us to breakfast, my uncle got confused and thought it was his grandson texting him, and I was still in ‘the Dungeon’ having just woke up. It is what he calls my bedroom downstairs when I come to visit “I’ll get the dungeon ready.” So we missed out there. He did come for a visit though.

Hockey is not something I watch but..  dam him, he made me watch the Stanley cup playoffs and now I am a Las Vegas Nights fan!

Sweet potatoes curried soup. I had it for breakfast today. I love it!

We made a trip to Walmart because I figured we should have a race with those scooters. Well first off, there was only one scooter and he wouldn’t take it, so I did. I seriously almost run over a couple people til I got the hang of it, then had a hard time keeping up to my uncle, and he had a cane! When he went to the bathroom I took his cart and left him the scooter.

We also had deep conversations (political mostly).. or so I thought. We ventured out for breakfast one morning and he shared with me an important insight. Looking me in the eyes across the table from me, he said “when I turn my head that way, it means I’m not listening to you anymore, because my hearing aid is in that ear.” Jesus.. so matter of fact, just like that.

Breakfast at Cora’s ..hmmm

Its true he has a hearing problem and only one hearing aid!!!!! He only needs to hear out of one ear anyway, he says. The only drawback to this is that he can’t perceive which direction the sound is coming from. So a car bearing down on him from behind gives him a fifty/fifty chance to live depending on which side he moves to get out of the way.. or something like that .. geez..

He regrets that he won’t get to see what happens with his grandkids and stuff that is happening in the world right now. We all face our own mortality as we age. He also wanted to visit outer space (well that could happen yet.. depending on which way his soul is heading). We had the news channel on pretty much non-stop, and had some conversations about politics. I am very vocal on that subject. During ‘Question Period’ Sunday (a political Canadian broadcast of the weeks events) which I was commenting on.. he finally said “I will let you speak after this is over…” after rewinding it yet again, so he could listen to the program.

I have now added ‘Question Period’ on Sunday and the Stanley Cup Playoffs to my television viewing .. !

So he is not dead yet, far from it I say..  and he cares a lot. I told him he needs to be buried with his phone and I will text him what is happening here .. texting and not calling, because he might have his head turned the wrong way.