Is it guns killing our children?

Do guns kill people or do people kill people.. maybe it is the bullets themselves, filled with hate, anger, disillusionment and all loss of common decency, hope and love.

Sometimes I feel like a duck out of water.. a foreigner, like I am living in a different world. Well in a sense I am, my home and native land is Canada. I think I live in the best country in the world. My American friends here, think they live in the best country in the world. Frankly.. I think the world is not faring well at all.

I do my best to stay out of discussing politics, I am a guest in this country. Nor do I wish to start a hailstorm of bitter comments for or against a president that seems to be the cause of much turmoil, here and abroad. The way I look at it, some things happen for a reason, we reap what we sow and all that jazz. Destiny, is it pre-ordained, who knows, certainly not me.

What I do know for sure is that we can control how we live our own lives. Living here part-time I get immersed in what’s happening, it is inevitable. There is little news from home unless it is really bad, like what happened to the hockey team from my home province. That horrific bus crash that took so many young lives and left others crippled. My heart still hurts for them.

The school shootings here, the one last week and another one coming up ( according to statistics gathered, one a week so far ) to a school near you, alarms the piss out of me. I recently got into a little ‘discussion’ here, with a gal I love dearly, on guns. There are no winners in this debate, guns kill and so do people .. I get it!

School children are being killed with bullets born of despair.. my God what is happening? This has spiraled out of control and should be declared a national disaster. If there is one single thing this country NEEDS to do, I truly believe the school shootings HAVE TO STOP! These kids depend on us to keep them safe..

World peace is important too and I confess I’m really concerned how that is playing out recently. We can argue politics til the cows come home, but right now.. there are American children that are dying in their own backyards. Being a child and having to go to school here in America does not guarantee them life, liberty and freedom anymore.

Doesn’t anyone else see this incongruity? While the country is divided by a president that is doing very little to unite anyone (my opinion) .. American children are being killed, not by terrorists or immigrants, but by their own classmates. I write to figure things out.. and something has just occurred to me!

Maybe this isn’t about guns? Children follow our example, or at least that is what we’ve been led to believe all these years. Now are you seeing it? What examples are we setting? We expect integrity from our leaders, we elect people into office to ‘lead’ us and protect us. We ‘follow’ religious icons, and we emulate and copy celebrities and hold athletes in high regard.

Our society of values that we hold to be true, seems to be unraveling before our very eyes. The ‘Me Too’ movement is unmasking a whole generation of those that felt it is ok to molest and oppress. Celebrities and athletes alike are falling into disrepute. The pope has even expressed disgust (just recently) at the pedophiles hiding behind clerics robes

I’m tired of the killing in Syria, it looks like it is turning into a pissing match between world powers. Whoever has the most guns wins? Lets not even mention recent nuclear threats that can obliterate all of us.. period! The thing is, diplomacy seems to have taken a back seat to “my gun is bigger than your gun!”

Is it time we put a stop to the bullshit spewing forth from the powers that be? I know nothing about guns (nor do I want to) but do we really need to be selling assault rifles? Why can’t we just collect them all and give em to the military whom are charged with protecting us. How about a  ‘Lock em or lose em’ program..   lock up all your dam guns or risk losing them.. period! We need to start somewhere, don’t you think?

Our children are sacred and who of us wants our children to live in a world where they are scared to go to school? I care and I think you care too. Lets stop accepting the crap that is flung into our faces everyday and instead.. lets make everyone accountable for their actions.

I want peace, not war! Diplomacy requires integrity.. lets demand integrity from our leaders! It’s easy to be a bully if we give you our power, but it will never win this insidious war that is eroding our very self respect. We are sacrificing our kids for what?

Are we bearing witness to the obliteration of ‘common sense’ and human decency, how many American babies being born today are going to die on their journey to getting an education?

we lead by example…