The perfect meal …

A friend of mine said the perfect meal is .. are you ready for this…… a big gob of peanut butter on a spoon! Well of course this friend happened to be  male and he was quite serious. I laughed at what a lazy-ass way to have a meal that wrinkled

Well my friends words came to me tonight as I was defrosting a freezer burned dinner roll in anticipation of smearing a gob of peanut butter onto it ! Na.. no spoon for me.. uh uh.. I have some class after all. Oh and what is this hmmmmm..a wrinkled apple in the crisper! Wow baked apple in the microwave coming up.vegetarian chili

My cupboard and my freezer are yielding up some interesting finds. I am trying not to buy groceries because of long range travel plans coming up. A can of presidents choice vegetarian chili last night made me wish I would have made some rice to compliment it.. it was that delicious! Much better than the ritze crackers and cheese I have been nibbling on through-out these past few days.

So.. spying a lone can of presidents choice creamy squash and corn got me a little excited (this before the dry bun and peanut butter) and I opened the can and couldn’t wait to try this yummy find. Well sir.. I spit it out faster than it went in.. omg it was kind of disgusting.. well ok it was a lot disgusting ! It would be great for baby food I’m sure.half white half brownbun

Now what I want to know is..  why is one so delicious and the other so disgusting? I’m a little disappointed in that, it’s like someone enticing you with candy and then serving you turnip greens (btw I have no idea what turnip greens taste like). And Mr Presidents Choice guy .. whoever thought to put that squash and corn in a can DID NOT GET THAT RIGHT.. UH UHcreamy squash

Some of my catering friends are probably wondering why the hell I am buying vegetarian chili and creamy squash and corn in a can anyway? Well I am always on the look-out for vegetarian .. gluten free.. no dairy .. kinda meals that are on the market and turn out to be delicious, like the chili (I stand by that one 100%!)

So when you are feeding 100 or 1000 or sometimes 3000 .. those picky darn vegetarian and gluten free meals need to be addressed (gluten is especially picky) because we need one person just to prep that meal and make sure no other cutting boards utensils counters and .. well you get the picture.. no cross contamination.salsa pita low cal wrap

Hence the odd ball stuff in my cupboard when I am out shopping .. and these cans are made to keep in the cupboard too and that is a bonus. I also have odd freezer bags of stuff in the freezer that are leftovers from various catered events.freezer stuff

The thing of it is though.. I am not crazy about our leftovers at the time of the event, never mind the freezer burned offerings. Oh.. now that is scary.. why do I never label these dam bags anyway? What the heck is this frozen pasta salad? Now what did I think I was going to do with that.. geeze!

Its not that our food is not good.. but our menu is fairly simple, and although evolved over the years, it is still the same basics and you can only eat it so many times! I am not alone in getting excited when we have a special request for seafood (our mainstay is always beef, pork or chicken).images1YSM5VYD

You know when that leftover whole salmon hits back to our kitchen they are like locusts and will have that fish stripped to a skeleton before that little voice squeaked out  “save some for me” I have to go  pee oh oh,  too late.. dam them! …lol  And..  and.. if there are no leftovers (the fishy kind) we curse those hungry hordes that ate our leftover supper… like wth? lol.images5LIT4L97

Oh.. and what’s this..  the new girl brought back some of the hosts Auntie Marys’ famous cabbage rolls.. YES there is a god!!! We scold her and read her the rules.. forgive us lord for we have sinned.. then we all dig in, omg.. this is so delicious! (btw.. we made Aunt Mary label it as hers on our buffet table ).

Now those cabbage rolls could have been quiet ordinary but understand this .. we didn’t make them, and it was different from our normal fare. Ok now where was I .. right.. no food in my house. I wonder how many caterers have no food in their house.. just the owners?

I’m certain the workers do because we are always giving them leftovers but they probably feel the same way. They have freezer burned bags of unlabeled stuff in their freezers too and I see you laughing as being friends of caterers.. same thing huh?photsalasa and scoops

So who is to judge what the perfect meal really is?? I think it depends on how hungry you are but that squash thingy with corn is going down the sink.. hmmm.. the ritze crackers are all gone and so are all the scoops I used to eat all the salsa. Na .. no way that disgusting glop will ever taste good!peanut butter on a spoon

Ok buns are all gone.. now where is that spoon..  and let’s just  see if he was onto something…