sinner and a dreamer .. I’ll tell you what I really wanted..

When we really wanted something as kids,  we nagged our parents to no end. We wore them down eventually.. if we were lucky. If not, well then we went on to the next thing.. or pouted our way to misery.untitled (18)

Being an adult and wanting something is all about making decisions.. much better to be that child again, nagging your parents! I wanted that Barbie bride doll so bad and Xmas brought her to me. Same with the doctors kit and I remember to this day how upset I was that my sister snuck and ate all the ‘candy pills’ from that set.. DAM her!

Growing up and being responsible for your own wants is not much fun. We need to figure out how to get what we want all by ourselves.. well most of us do. Having rich parents would be nice but living on welfare with one parent makes it difficult.

Moving in with the other parent wasn’t much better for me and dropping out of school and taking a job as a waitress was even worse. Oh my god..  how did that happen and why was I so dumb? I was actually a smart student getting good grades and even recommending at years end and not having to write finals. But I was really stupid in life I guess.imagesOAYSO19K

We make a lot of mistakes, at least I did, on the road to growing up. My life could have been much simpler had I not rebelled against my mom and decide to live with my dad, a thousand miles away from home. There was a reason she left him in the first place (he was a hopeless provider and he was a drinker). Yes he was a charmer and very good natured but he had no clue how to guide a rebellious 16 year old girl.

I  wasn’t there that long when he met a woman that didn’t like me and it wasn’t long until I was on my own. I ended up living with a boy that liked to drink with his buddies more than he liked being with me.(hmmmm.. alcohol) I kept working as a waitress and always paid my own way.

I stayed in that relationship for two years and it only ended when I married him and realized what the hell was I thinking? (family pressure from my mom was directly responsible for that ludicrous fiasco.. but don’t we all like to blame others for our own mistakes?) I never count that 6 month marriage in my life, it is like that show “Dallas” .. when  Bobby woke up in the shower and realized that the years worth of shows before that was all a dream.. ya .. me too!!untitled (19)

Moving back home to lick my wounds was not easy (I was not living with my mom .. whom I held directly responsible for that stupid decision she cornered me into). You have to remember this was back in the day when living together was a sin.. and sinning was obviously my specialty.. cause I went on to sin again.. just sayin.

My passion for doing hair made me want to take a hairdressing course and get my license. I had worked in salons as a shampoo girl and I was always cutting or styling all my friends hair, since grade school!  So it was an elusive dream of mine and I wanted it so badly!imagesRHHPML3Q

Well.. following a dream.. going to school and making a living does not come cheap. I secured a waitress job at ‘The King George Hotel’ working nights and attended Marvel School (for hair) during the day. Of course being a fun loving sinful kinda girl.. these two things interfered with my extra-curricular life.imagesQAC87UCIimages5ZNRDAWE

Why did it never occur to me to forget about the party life and just do the obvious? just didn’t. I had no role models, I didn’t know about priorities. I only knew I wanted to be a ‘real bon-a-fide certified, card carrying hair stylist ‘ and to accomplish this I needed to keep going to school and finish the course.

I shared a basement suite with a girlfriend (I met her at Marvel) and her grandma, we hit it off and I liked grandma too, so it was a good fit. (check out Hair.. razor cuts car sex and grandma on my blog).imagesY0TOCP8X

At that time we needed to put in 1400 hours of classes .. theory and practical. Anyway I was always coming up short.. I needed to leave school early (which I got permission to do so) to go to my 4:00 pm til midnight shift at the King George Hotel. My hours at school were never a concern for me even when everyone was graduating around me and I still had a full third of the hours left to complete.

See.. when you want something really bad, and I did, it didn’t matter what it took to get it. I passed all the  exams, even the practical, with my class (with flying colors)  but just had a hard time fitting in all the required hours.. what with my work schedule and my extra-curricular life.

To be a real hair stylist and own my own salon was always my goal and even though it took me longer than it should have, I never lost sight of my dream.. eventually I finally finished school and went on to work towards my next  dream.. going on to own three salons in Saskatoon.. not counting one in Alberta.  Styling hair was my passion and by god when you really want something I think you have the power within you to make it happen.imagesJ4OU2U0Mimages32P7M007

BUT understand.. you have to do what needs to be done to accomplish this.. wishing does not make it happen.. hard work does! (playing is ok too.. I guess ..  as long as you never give up and you put in the work needed..  it will just take you longer..   : )

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM … DO YOU HAVE ONE .. ? I AM WORKING ON MY THIRD-LIFE DREAMS,  I think I will always have a dream.