Saga continues.. Lexus, tent, sexy seniors and butterflies?

Vancouver Island beckons us, the weather is glorious and we are excited to resume our road trip. Port Albernie is our destination if we don’t get distracted somewhere else along the way. I am reminded of being a kid again.. oh look a butterfly.. and off we go! This happens once off the Ferry, but I am getting ahead of myself.

The Walmart trip to buy bigger digs (four man tent..see last post) took a chunk of our time and now we must boogie to catch the ferry at Horseshoe Bay (Vancouver) to Nanaimo, on the island. The road to the ferry from Kelowna takes us so close to the USA border I wish we had more time, we could visit a good friend in Bigfork Montana, we must be close?

Unfortunately, the highway is as I remember it, and what a shame! Can’t we widen that dam highway.. like it is only two lanes each way and traffic is bumper to bumper, for crying out loud!

The Americans know how to build highways.. they have overpasses in the middle of nowhere even.. yes they do. Divided interstates everywhere and WELL MARKED ROAD SIGNS! This is all true.. I am not making it up.

Thank God for Siri, we may have our difference’s.. even a fight or two.. but I would never leave her behind! I think she may be my soul mate and like me, she even gets lost sometimes too.. we have a love/hate relationship. Siri gets us through to the ferry terminal and to the right one, even! Siri comes through every once in awhile and surprises the shit out of me!

This is a pricey boat ride.. almost a hundred bucks, geez.. I should have hid my gf under the bedding in the back seat! Remember the out door Drive-in movie theatres.. we used to hide our friends in the trunk. That brings back memories, but it was never me in that trunk! Cheap boyfriends.. for Christ sakes don’t marry one.. ooops..

We make the ferry.. just.. we are in the last 27 vehicles to be let on.. the capacity is 400, we were worried. My gf comes out from under the bedding.. ok, just kidding. The ship is massive and we are treated to spectacular views on either side of it. There is all sorts of open and closed spaces and lounges to spread out and make yourself comfy.

A cafeteria style restaurant offers up everything from ice cream to full course meals, snacks and Starbucks coffee. They must make a killing on food..  it is all an adventure for us and we order a meal and enjoy the ride. We dis-embark a couple hours later and chase a butterfly to Parkville.. sounds like a place superman would be brought up in.

Now a chance encounter with a gal on the ferry alerted us to the world class Sand Sculptures there. Along the ocean in this beautiful park we run right into them. Lordy its great when all the stars align and you drive to exactly where you want to go! This can’t be underestimated.. especially with us.. we do tend to take the ‘scenic routes’.

The Sand sculptures are eclectic and worth the visit.. ok so, if you are into that sort of thing. I vote for my favorite.. and I’m hot and thirsty so I look for a cool place to sit down before I get cranky and want to kick sand in someones face (not a good idea here).. My gf is still wandering around, lots of people make a pilgrimage here just to see this.. apparently.

Retro Rad Chef, Food network star and author Emily Ellyn and me I am on the

There is a VIP section and I make my way there and act like I own it, always act like you belong there, no one will question you.. trust me. My girl friend Emily and I crashed Terry Fators VIP launch party last year, at The Mirage in Vegas, she followed me in (my bad). We had waiters in white gloves waiting on us.. drinks and appys omg.. it was so cool.

Now where was I.. right, Sand Sculptures, I use this down time to reach my nieces living in Port Albernie. I reach one niece only to discover she has made a trip to the the mainland, we missed her. The other niece is not answering any of my messages.

We leave the enchanted land of sand and venture northward and stumble upon the CATHEDRAL FORREST .. now that has got my interest. Huge 800 hundred year old trees .. the last twilight movie was partially filmed here. We decide to explore this on our way back, I am mesmerized by this forest.. I want to explore it fully but we need to keep going.

notice the cars are dwarfed by this huge tree in Cathedral forrest

We make another detour for a sign that says “Goats on The Roof” I remember some family members talking about this place and I thought my niece worked there. There are actual goats that eat grass on the roof.. off we go to chase another butterfly.. as it turns out.

The butterflies we chase in our senior years can be just as magical as the ones we chased as kids.. the trick is avoid the net that swoops down to capture our spirit and keep us hostage..

more to come.. ‘blood on the tent’ .. yep!

copyright September 15th 2017