road trip wind-up.. Lexus and a tent, oh.. and two sexy seniors

Harrison Hot Springs

Go west young man.. or in our case we prefer ‘sexy seniors’.. we just do! Our  road trip adventures were not over when we reached my nieces place (Port Albernie) on Vancouver island also our furthest stop west. We still had to get back home via Penticton or as some call it “The Redneck Riviera”.

First off we had to move our firepit when we got back to the campground, seems we lost air in the mattress. We had moved the mattress around so the nozzle was impossible to reach. The fire pit was a two ton steel ring with charred remnants of the last 100 fires in it! My gf handled that with such ease that it was a reminder to me to never get on her bad side!

I was able to negotiate the Lexus around just barely, so the cord which was plugged into the lighter could reach the mattress. These are first world problems, I know, but also unforeseen. I did help move the fire pit back and that is how I know it weighed two tons! The pee pail got some action that night! (our four MAN tent remained chaste… a little camping humour)

blood spatters on tent

We awoke to another glorious day (that’s a day with-out rain).. and blood spatters on the outside of our tent. There was also the heavenly smell of toast wafting about.Where the hell did that blood spatter come from, but more important, who was making toast without power?

The toast smell led me to our neighbor’s, whom graciously offered me a slice, which I reluctantly declined. I do have some couth (very little).. seems they make it with briquette’s.. ahhhh.. another idea forms in my head for an invention that’s been hibernating there. The blood spatter turns out to be from the blackbirds eating berries in the trees above our tent.

Mystery solved.. so we pack up everything and head back to civilization and a proper breakfast. Our journey continues on the eastern route home. We take in The Cathedral Forrest and it keeps us spellbound for part of that stretch.. my god it is ethereal and I can see why they filmed some of the last ‘Twilight’ movie here.

notice the cars are dwarfed by this huge tree in Cathedral forrest

The ferry takes us back to the mainland and Harrison Hot Springs, our destination. The trouble with BC Ferries is that they are really busy this time of year and it took us awhile to get on one. We arrive very late to our destination and barely snagged THE LAST motel room ‘online’..  while they were registering a guest! was on my side on that one… whew!

The next morning we had the best breakfast (and the best eggs benedict ever) at a little corner café. We explored the town a bit and decided if you don’t stay in the big resort .. which was fully booked, then you really didn’t have access to the ‘nicest’  hot springs, only the public ones. We decided to drive to Penticton where we were expected by a girlfriend.

The view in Penticton from the condo

Turns out the girlfriend has a condo on the lake.. one of the nicest properties around, and she gives up her bedroom for us! How lucky are we and we really appreciate her hospitality. It has a spectacular view of the mountains and the lake .. the world triathlon was taking place right in front and beside us, while we were there. We cheered on Canada while enjoying our breakfast one morning..  as the runners whizzed by.

This place is so beautiful that my gf and I seriously envision ourselves living here. The thing is though, these condos are really expensive but why couldn’t we share one? Why is it everyone has to have their own place? Some countries have whole families and generations living together under one roof.

We need to rethink this nursing home business as well. Why couldn’t we all chip in and rent a house with lots of bedrooms and hire hot male nurses to look after us? (in and out of the bedrooms… now where the hell did that come from?) I need to file this thought away.. the possibilities are starting to excite me.

snug as a bug

Our girlfriends hospitality is really generous and she introduces us to a glimpse of this beautiful city. We enjoy the ambiance, the views .. the pool and the hot tub.. we could definitely live here! We are smitten but we have to leave this paradise, I had promised to work some events back home and it is time to go.

We figured our last night on the road might be a tenting adventure, but we picked up a barebones cabin at Canyon Hot Springs. Taking in the hot springs was a fitting end to our holiday. We are not ready to re-enter the real world but we decide we will do this again next year and stay longer!

Will we take a tent.. hmmm .. I think so, YES definitely! The tenting made it more exciting and we didn’t encounter any bears. It was quite cozy at night and no rain, maybe we could upgrade the pee-pail.. lol. No cooking rule prevails though, but maybe something for toast hmmmm .. my mind is already heating up…