lazy ass days.. doing piss-all

Is it all in the journey? This existence called life, we are breathing it in as I write this, some I know are waiting to live it. There are also those already dead inside, just not buried yet or ‘fired up’ for the next life? I happen to be living it, well most days for sure, but some I waste, more than I care to admit. Lately the wasted days are adding up .. dam!

If I am going to waste the day then I need to just relax and quit worrying about what I should be doing. Go get that container of ice cream for breakfast, who cares? The chips come out of hiding and I may as well dig out that bottle of Pepsi hiding in the back of the fridge. I am going to be thirsty after eating all those chips and it will save a trip.

No need to brush my hair, close the blinds a bit though, because my hair is sticking straight up on one side. Watch whatever I want on TV and when I get up to pee .. grab some of those cookies stashed in the high cupboard, the one I need the stepstool to reach.. shit.. why do they make these cupboards so high? More important.. who am I kidding hiding them up there?

Lazy days bothered me.. until I realized no one even knows I am having a lazy day! Actually no one even cares, either. I am single and loving it.. I also have the freedom to fart whenever I want.. especially in bed. I have to be careful though because sometimes I am not alone .. a little embarrassing.. perhaps, especially if you’ve just had great sex!

Passing gas is so crude when you are around others and I do have some couth. Now where was I.. hmmm oh ya life. We have no clue when we are going to die.. well most don’t. The important thing here is that we live. What I am addressing here on my blog .. is the time we waste, or even the days.

Running around doing ‘stuff’ is ok..  and if you have a job, congratulations, you are keeping the economy running. Those of us that are retired have different priorities.. some are busier than before while others struggle to find purpose. I’m not sure where I fit in.

Having a purpose is important, not knowing what it is .. well that is what disturbs me sometimes. I know I have some cheezies here somewhere, dam.. I ate them all on my last lazy day! Ah well my stash of canned peaches is still untouched, now where is that can opener that doesn’t open cans worth a shit.. and why can’t I just throw it away? I will make that my purpose next time I use it!

I wonder how many of us recognize our lazy days and give ourselves permission to enjoy them? I’ll bet not many. When I realized I had to quit thinking about what I should be doing, it turned out it was fairly easy to get  into what I was not going to do. I decided to enjoy the freaking moment.. well ok.. so make that the whole lazy-ass day!

This is KEY ..  accepting myself for doing nothing. Think about it, how many of us are always going over all that stuff in our heads that we should be doing? We end up getting nothing done and feeling so guilty.. but why? Doing piss-all is not a crime.. well, except for those poor souls that have to do-it-all.. and then some!

ah hell .. I’ll just let them do it, if you are reading this come on over and join me..

ps.. don’t look at my hair.. oh.. and bring some cheezies


or more cookies..

a chocolate bar maybe?