only in Canada eh? Sunday morning chuckle.. true story

It was minus 15 celcius.. the RCMP had a hard time getting the last female out of the SUV. It was stuck in a snow covered ditch, the result of two vehicle accident. She fought like a banshee and who could blame her, she was naked as a jaybird.. as were the other four occupants. Minus 15 is toque, mitts and snow boots weather ya know!

The kidnapping of a man, woman and baby had happened earlier, and they were in the other vehicle, having escaped from being locked in a trunk and the back seat of a car. Along comes a a man that picks them up on the side of the road, in his work truck, he is incredulous of the their appearance, no shoes, socks or jackets on either of them..

It was only minutes later that the SUV rams the back of his truck, which lead to the pile-up in the ditch. You probably think I am making this up, but no I have more. It seems the five people in the SUV.. one male, two females in their thirties and two teenaged women and the kidnappees in the truck .. all know each other.

If this was a gun story we would not have a happy ending.. but this is Canada after all, we are a little more creative. Seems someone in the group,  brought some hallucinogenic tea back from India and sounds like they all partook in it..

No charges have been laid.. no guns were involved and no animals were hurt.. in the making of this story (maybe a few frozen body parts.. and I’ll refrain from naming the obvious…lol).

This is a news story that hit our national news this past week.. just another dull day in Canada.. eh?

you’re welcome