Puppet on a string.. the day democracy died in the USA

The new American flag?

We used to live next door to one of the greatest countries in the world, but not anymore. In catering (my former life) you’re only as good as your last meal.. in the United States of America, you are only as great as your last president. Seems to me the person voted in this time is a ‘Fake President’.. put there by Russia for their own agenda.

How do we know this you ask? How do we not know this.. I say! If you need proof you only need look at the meeting of two hateful people on July 16th 2018 in Helsinki. One a dangerous cunning murderer, the other a puppet man-child, spoiled beyond redemption.

His strings are woven with greed, lies, arrogance, misogyny, self gratification and without any political and diplomacy awareness whatsoever. Who manipulates those strings you wonder? Well it could be anyone from prostitutes and strippers to communist leaders from places like North Korea and Russia. Seems whoever has the most money or dirt on him.. wins!

Ahhh but .. but.. the Americans voted him in, you say. I say.. did they? How can you be sure? Was he put there by Putin to destroy everything we fought for in two world wars, like democracy? Putin has been accused of meddling in France’s elections and supposedly had influence in the Brexit votes as well, to cause chaos in the European Union

Lest you think I am a political junkie.. I’m not. I am just a retired entrepreneur, mom, nana and senior citizen. I am scared for my kids future.. I want them to have a future. I want integrity, decency, morals and just plain common sense to make an appearance on this, our worlds stage. I think it is time to get rid of that hateful puppet.. someone cut his strings.. please!