Shaving my legs for naught..

Shaving my legs before a date could be construed as optimistic, or for some, part of routine shower absolutions. Getting rid of other hairy areas is more of a challenge, but I’ll leave that for another blog (I have stories.. lol). I remember reading once that sleeping around could be curbed by not shaving your legs.

If you are unsure of taking that leap to share another’s bed.. unshaven legs could be the deciding factor. Same for men too maybe.. an unshaven face on a man, causes a rash on mine.. (I love kissing). For those of you that are happily married you don’t have to think about all this shit.

Ending a long standing affair of my body and my soul, does not come easy. Oh sure I have ‘ended’ it many times or taken a ‘hiatus’, but re-connecting always made me question myself .. why? Finding myself with a sensitive sweet smart and incredibly sexual lover was way easier than finding a real person to share my life with.

Lovers/mistresses or whatever you want to call them, will not be pinned down to stay the course. There are many reasons for this, they travel for work, they are workaholics and married to their job or maybe they are just married. Some have commitment issues and others just love the idea of love, not marriage.

Back to my dilemma, maybe I should shave my legs. I say maybe because its a jungle out there, and not just between my legs.. (ok so I put that in for a little humor). We all do the jungle clearing now .. even men, its called ‘manscaping’. I am having second thoughts about sharing myself. Sometimes it just doesn’t click, mentally and physically, (are they disappointed as well I wonder).

This curve in the road is not unwelcome. I’m still exploring my options in this.. my third life, it’s exciting and sometimes challenging. Finding a man to share my life with has morphed into my living my life.. I have such joy and freedom!  A fulltime man would certainly change all this.. wouldn’t it? When the hell did this all happen I wonder?

pic at sunset on pontoon boat

So potential ‘date’ had to cancel and just as well.. I need to re-think this whole situation. Maybe I should just put an ad in the paper for a part time guy I can share a weekend at the lake with or just take in a movie once in a while. So the shaving and jungle clearing (ok so maybe I wasn’t kidding) goes on the back burner and I’m off to the lake.

Maybe I’ll pick up some take out food, so I don’t have to cook. I’ll sit out on my deck with my coffee and my blog or I’ll go fishing. Maybe I’ll just read a good book, and later I’ll gaze into the beautiful sunset, perhaps by a fire, and I’ll watch my leg hairs grow.

Possibilities .. they are endless …