Cucina Italiana- Licking your plate

Image via Cucina Italiana website

There is always a scene in most movies or books about this quaint little Italian place that is so romantic and serves up such great food.

Well I just happened to visit such a place and let me tell you it was sooooo cool to actually have that experience. The place is called Cucina Italiana and it’s in San Diego in a little strip mall.

The evening is a little cool but the linen covered  tables outside are inviting and sporting covered umbrellas with  propane infra red heaters , along with the candles ( the ones with the flickering battery powered flames…OK so not everything is perfect).

Inside it is dimly lit with just the perfect amount of lighting to add to the ambience. The waiter tells us all about that nights special.. flattened veal wrapped around spinach and stuffed with some exotic cheeses.

My friend and his son order it but  I opt out for the Filet Mignon with cracked peppercorns and a red wine reduction glaze. It was soooo exquisite!  The creamy garlic whipped potatoes and exotically spiced vegetables make this meal even more delectable… and how is that possible?

image courtesy of a contributor on Yelp

The paintings on the walls remind me of the paintings in Cuba and I want to give them all a new home in my cabin at the lake. I don’t want this meal to end.

I order the crème brûlée and three spoons. It arrives in a heart shaped dish and it’s delicious! My table mates only take a taste and leave the rest to me. I lick the dish; (OK I exaggerate) …. but I  wanted to lick it!

I also wanted to take home the waiter (he is so handsome , dressed impeccably in all black with a long black apron wrapped around his waist ) but he is much too young.

Hmmm.. isn’t there a saying about licking your plate and having your waiter too.. mmmmm..   or was it eating your cake?  Ah well, who cares.. when you are over sixty its all good !