here’s to my unorganized chaotic life.. I’ll drink to that!

images (76)“can I put that drink on my card.. I forgot to get money out of the bank, can I put the tip on there too?”

Another birthday is sneaking up on me and maybe a reality check is in order. A tune-up of sorts, a make-over maybe.. I’m not getting any younger. Decisions are made on a daily basis for me.. I thrive on what kind of  excitement I can get into today.

Some need to plan everything and know what they are doing each day. Then there are those of us that have a general idea, but nothing is carved in stone.. like paying a power bill. I know its due and did go to pay it, they were closed for lunch.. so I thought “ah well I’ll catch them later”.imagesW48F4Z4W

A cut-off notice attached to my door made that ‘later’ a reality hmm.. We may think we are free as a bird and can flit from one thing to another, but the reality is.. we have all these invisible chains that keep us tethered to the here and now.

I may look unorganized.. but actually I live in this organized chaos that suits me just fine, thank you. This allows me to take off for Cuba a on a days notice.. or not, if I can’t find where the heck I put my passport.

untitled (41)Changing purses one time (passport was in other purse) I needed to get out of Mexico. The funny part about this is that you can walk right into Mexico from Arizona, but try and get out.

Throwing everything onto the counter including my co-op membership card, as tears rolled down my cheeks, he waved me through. The tears were real.. having had previous experiences with border guards.

While married, my ex had guilty written all over his face at border crossings, we were always getting stopped and searched .. to the point that we never brought anything back. This didn’t seem to matter, the Ex was so intimidated by them that they only had to look at him.images (78)

The relief that washed over me getting waved through was real.. never and I mean NEVER.. underestimate a border patrol guard. They can actually throw you in jail and impound your car .. do not argue with them, ever. I learned that the hard way.

images (75)We ended up paying less than two dollars on duty owed on trivial stuff, but a lesson was learned that day. Never be disrespectful to those guys.. ever! They are mostly there because they are macho, egotistical and unhappy, they thrive on power trips intimidating people. I’m sure there may be good ones but we never got to see them.

Now where was I, oh right.. another birthday, another year, I have come a long way, I am still unorganized. This last part of my-third life should be filled in with the predictable.. but it’s not!images (74)

My generation is supposed to be living happily ever after but the reality is .. we are getting divorced and starting new lives at an alarming rate! This was just on the news last week.. another new study or report.. on us, the baby boomers..

This only re-affirms my suspicions that this last part of my life is the best part.. and there are others like me out there. Hell if we don’t start living our lives now, well.. death is not going to wait for us. I’m not one to make a list, if I did, it would be for unimportant stuff like filing a tax return, ooops.. the tethers again.

images (79)I could start each day worrying about that non-existent list.. but I don’t, I just take a deep breath and think, wow.. another perfect day. The ability to slough off trivial stuff that motivates others to detail, is so underrated don’t you think?..imagesD2WQRTCM

The truth is.. my ability to shrug off the unimportant stuff is a gift that the organized people only wish they possessed. I will probably live longer (or not .. if I keep forgetting my pills) sleep better and I really do enjoy the ride.. I may run out of gas though, because I forgot to fill er up!

Somehow I don’t think it is the organized ones breaking free, they don’t like the chaos of the unknown, preferring instead to play safely inside. Do I worry about the invisible tethers or my unfiled tax return.. I guess.. but not today.

images (77)I have this blog to finish and then aqua-fit at the pool.. a ladies luncheon at Olive Garden and cards tonight. The beauty of all this is that I don’t even have to do these things if I don’t want to.. well except cards, they will phone me if I don’t show up.. darn!

Happy Birthday to me!!!