Positive .. positive.. positive.. no, I am not pregnant!

imagesMELGW232My life is pretty much an open book since I decided to start this blog. There really isn’t anything I won’t discuss..  well maybe not my love-life, hmmm, well I guess that’s not true, ah well.. too late.

Stuff seems to happen to me or maybe I create it or maybe I am just open to what life has to offer up. What ever it is, my life is never boring. My age is relevant..  in that with age comes wisdom, who knew?

Then again, is it really wisdom or when you age you mellow, especially after 60 (stuff just isn’t that important anymore). I feel I can finally say and do what I want! That is not too bright sometimes, is it.. well is it, hmmmm?  Ah well, I feel compelled at this time to share a little of my so called pearls, uh oh.

In my family or maybe in yours too, not everyone gets along. Ok so I do harbor a few grudges too, but decided to not give any ‘real estate in my head’ to these people. A few major changes in the last six years, has brought me new found freedoms and joy, as well an acceptance of myself and others around me.imagesMOVLCNQZ

My mom and one of her sisters would fight over something trivial and would not talk for years.. but they always made up eventually, what a waste of years for them. Another was mean spirited and hateful, so mom just put them out of her life. I don’t know if that was a good decision but it was all she could do.

I wish I could have made it better for her but I didn’t and now I regret that. So I strive to keep my balance with all and that is hard sometimes, but easier as time ages me even more. I am so grateful I did not outright dis-respect her.. she proved to be right.

images (22)Look at the people in your life.. why you like them? Do you like them because they are skinny? Do you like them because they are beautiful? Maybe you like them because they are rich and have lots of stuff? Some are like that.. stuff means a lot to them, especially if it is a desirable brand.

Do you look forward to spending time with only the successful or the exciting ones? Family doesn’t count, we need to spend time with them.. it is mandatory and besides I need family time.

Maybe you like them because you feel superior to them? Or you can control them? Maybe you are more beautiful and wise and want to share that.. (oops..  was that my outside voice)? I am tolerant of many kinds of people except the negative ones .. oh my they try my patience.imagesUFP1FEUN

Negativity really breeds contempt.. do you like being around a negative person?? Make sure that negative person isn’t yourself ok? 

Do your family and friends run the gamut of skinny to fat.. smart to barely intelligent (husbands excluded), rich to living on welfare (been there). Superior to inferior (and you know who you are) or how about friendly to mean (and some people can be really mean) or generously giving or being a tight-wad (and we all know who they are : ).

images8KMHBI8FThen there is good versus evil (they have no conscience). Be careful with the evil ones if they are in your family.. they can do real damage. Try not to cross them, never criticize them and just keep your distance, it is not worth your effort to try and change them.

I try to be more accepting.. of all people and baring that, please lord let me keep my mouth shut.. which is a tall order for me.

In the end it will not matter what you weighed, how much money you made or even how many toys you owned. It will only matter how you treated people.. who you loved and who loved you. Those are the ones that will carry your spirit in their hearts and will share that joy with others.

So spread a little of that love around now and especially to those in your family. Don’t forget the young ones, they need to know your spirit too. I teach my nieces and nephews.. even little cousins, to call me ‘oh beautiful one’ not because I am beautiful (which I am btw) but because I want them to remember me with a smile in their hearts.

Maybe in the end it is all about loving and giving and forgiving, we can’t live tomorrow and we can’t re-do yesterday. The regrets.. ah well I ‘flush em’ .. move forward and strive to live today the best I can.imagesL1VYGD17 (2)

Remember this .. don’t wait to live for tomorrow, start your best life today and start it over again each day.. we can do that! Above all else forgive yourself for your perceived shortcomings, my best friends have lots of flaws and life challenges and that’s why I love them. Maybe that’s why they love me too? Oh.. and giving hugs and saying I love you, gets easier .. try it.

And if all else fails and we can’t be more forgiving and less judgmental then maybe we should all move to Syria and live there for awhile… just sayin.