He loves me not.. valentines day.. humbug!

imagesHVXMWLCUWell it is almost over .. the most hyped up romantic day of the year.. thank goodness! I wonder how everyone else feels about this day.. the ones that don’t really have anyone to hold them and whisper sweet nothings in their ear? I feel so sad sometimes and then I give my head a shake..

Why do we put pressure on ourselves to have someone special in our lives?  Why is there so much hype around valentines day.. it is just another day and lord knows you don’t bottle it all up for one day. And is Tom Selleck ever going to show up on my doorstep?

I really dislike this hyped up day.. I had a little spur of the moment ‘rant’ in my car for my girlfriends benefit. Being the friend she is, she hated right along with me.. and that is what friends are for. images (87)

We dissed the day and we dissed all the men in our lives along with some that weren’t, and even some from long ago, may as well cover all our bases. It is a dumb day and if we aren’t with  someone we love then I think we should just stay in bed with  chocolates (may as well get in on something worthwhile.. ) and read a good book.

When we were through with ranting (well ok, I was ranting and my friend was nodding in agreement.. good friends do that) we felt much better, ok I felt much better. Will I ever find someone just for me and wait a minute.. why do I need someone anyway?

What do I need anyway? First off, maybe I need to shake off the ‘needing someone’ mantra.. do we really need someone else to muck up our life? Haven’t I already been there .. done that? How did that work out for me, you ask ? Well here I am fairly happy most days, so what’s the problem?

images (88)Maybe I am going about this all wrong. Too bad we couldn’t just rent a husband .. someone to cook for and clean for and do everything for. Why not get one that will be demanding and find fault with everything we do. May as well throw in one that has anger issues and doesn’t like to share his feelings.. or his kisses or hold hands!

Make it someone that doesn’t do anything special for us .. just because. One that doesn’t send flowers or whisper I love you once in awhile and especially one that never gives a compliment! That would certainly cure all the ‘want to have a man around’ fantasies. Ok if this man turns out to be Tom Selleck, then all bets are off!

Maybe we need to put some of this into perspective. Yes I don’t have a man in my life beside me, at this time. BUT I don’t have an images5CUPR14Gundeserving man either, one that could kill my joy.. and that would be totally unacceptable.

Well the evening turned out for the good. My girlfriend and I got dressed up and did the Valentine supper and it was one of the most enjoyable evenings we have had down here. We have made some really good friends in this park and it is starting to feel like home.

Don’t get me wrong.. I still don’t like Valentines day but maybe next year will be different or maybe not.

 If you have someone in your life that loves you as much as you love them .. celebrate them everyday, because you are one of the precious few. A kiss, a hug, a whispered ‘I love you’, will give you everything you need ..  joy in your heart! I envy you……..




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  1. I think valentines day is for everyone……..I got valentines from my grandchildren and that is awesome. Doesn’t always have to be from a man/woman. Just saying……. glad you had a good evening with your friend.

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