playboy bunny heels and walkers

playboy bunny heelsI came into possession of a really cute pair of sexy heels.. the bling kind. Can I walk in them you wonder..wellllll .. maybe.. depends how far I need to go. If it is just a few steps or more, maybe.. after that, well, can you carry me?

Have you seen the heels the young girls are wearing now? No.. no.. no.. it is just wrong, you are going to wreck your feet, arches, back and besides you could fall! So .. ok.. we did have platform shoes in our time and the narrow toed spike heels. We also wrecked our backs our arches our feet and some.. their faces.. ok so we took a couple nose dives. In all fairness it superthumb5P5TIZEEcould’ve been alcohol related too I guess.

There is a really cute shoe store here in Yuma called HEELS , we ventured inside just to have a look, famous last words huh? We all left with shoes and boots in hand. Yes.. I broke down and bought a pair of boots.. I know.. “I am going to go a whole year with-out having to wear untitled (70)boots!”. Well I haven’t had cause to wear them yet, does that count?

Oh .. did I mention all the inventory was on sale for 13.95 (we just about didn’t go into this store because we thought it was a ‘high end’ shoe imagesFQHBH12Xstore..) ! My friend ‘Lizzy’ tried on some ‘sitting shoes’, these are shoes that are so impossibly high that there is no way we can walk in them (stand.. maybe).

We did not buy any of the impossibly high spiked platform shoes at this place but found some spectacular ones at the goodwill store (everybody down here shops them). We are going to the ladies annual dinner at the clubhouse with the shoes but we’ll just put them on for sitting.

We are throwing about the idea of having a cute manservant to carry them for us and help us put them on when we are seated. The theme is second hand rose (second hand clothes) maybe we will borrow someone’s husband.. he can be the second hand man… hahaha.

imagesTXQ6UX7TWhen did these cute high heeled shoes start to fade out of our wardrobes? Maybe about the same time as our imagesBTQ6EI1X negligee do you think? We started wearing the comfy jammies and then the granny panties.. don’t snicker.. I know you all own a pair or two , or maybe you are into them fulltime now?

Well I may have all those, but I still have all the sexy stuff too.. I just bought another one.. hope springs eternal doesn’t it? I have no one to wear it for but hey.. I am ready if Tom Selleck shows up… lol

See ..I still got it ! just nobody wants to see it anymore… loll Well I am exaggerating of course .. well.. aren’t I..? It is all in how you feel I guess, and I feel really sexy down here, but blame it on the weather.. hot and sultry.. not cold and frigid like back home.

I want to wear these sexy playboy bunny heels but.. would using a walker while wearing them defeat the purpose? I suppose, unless.. unless.. I had a boyfriend to hang images1T36EVN7onto.. ya.. that would work, it’s only a short distance to the bedroom from the living room hmmm.. was that my outside voice?

If my kids are reading this you know I am just kidding.. I would use a walker.. I don’t want to break a hip and have you come fetch me and put me in a nursing home…

Now.. I wonder if I went onto Craigs List if I could find a tall good looking walker… ?