Edible spoons.. Emily Ellyn .. the Next Bright Idea.. what do they all have in common..? read on..

This time every year I get excited for a big catering conference in Las Vegas, Catersource 2015 is at Caesars Palace this year. “But you are retired” said my friend” .. aaaahhh  maybe so, you can take me out of the kitchen.. but.. can you take the kitchen out of me? Well.. can you? The answer is not easy, maybe I don’t want to cook but I want to see what’s cooking!

Roy Porter (jack of all trades) behind the scenes.. do not miss his classes!
Roy Porter (jack of all trades) behind the scenes.. do not miss his classes!

Who is doing the presenting this year.. what new exciting products are coming out.. I will see my new friends from last year and old friends from years before. I still keep a look-out for stuff for the catering business .. be it new ideas or new products.

My kids bought the business but I still have my foot in the door (my foot gets squished now and then but they can’t dislodge it…haha).

Lisa Teiger Dianne Evans and Cathy Desroches
Lisa Teiger Dianne Evans and Cathy Desroches

If you are by yourself it is even better.. you meet even more people! Because I was working last year I didn’t get to meet up and share a lot of face time with my caterbuzz friends. I hope to see lots of you there this year..  Lisa Teiger (are you really not going?), but maybe they will change their minds.. I sure hope so. Carl Jones .. I MISS you!

There are other conferences but mine was, and is Catersource.. it was my first .. and you always remember  your first one right? lol..  ok now where was I? So Jack Milan offered me a job helping him in his booth .. he is presenting at the show and his classes are always a big hit!

Last year was a big year for me.. I volunteered my services and ended up helping behind the scenes. That is how I met Emily Ellyn she was co/presenting with Jack Milan (whom I always admired) I didn’t know who the heck Emily was and couldn’t figure out how she knew all those people saying hi to her.(I never watched cupcake wars) Don’t miss her class this year she is doing incredible things with beer!!!!

Behind the scenes Jack on his knees lol say one for me..
Behind the scenes Jack on his knees lol say one for me..

Long story short we hit it off and Jack Milan must have seen something in me to offer me a job this year. See what happens when you network with your Peers? We learn so much from each other and something about the conference brings everyone together in a sharing friendly atmosphere. (I would work for free) but Jack says we have to charge for everything we do! 

Jacks edible choc. S'mores spoons
Jacks edible choc. S’mores spoons

I wonder what I am worth…? When Jack drilled that into me I went back and started charging for my displays ..’ a set up fee’ if you will . My first one was 250.00 (see.. you always remember your first) it was a beach theme and I was so proud that they actually paid me for it.

A styro surfboard on top of a disposable table from Staples with a beach towel draped just so, over it,  and a simple nachos and salsa display on top! You will get  your tuition back tenfold.. the first year, by putting what he says into practice. I had other stuff as well but I sold that display over and over again!

Meryl Snow, Jen Delayne Emily, Kathy and me
Meryl Snow, Jen Delayne Emily, Kathy and me

He is so creative and he wants us to all make money from our creativity.. he is right you know.. we never charge enough for what we do.. I never did until I listened to him. He also started a company called ‘Edibles by Jack ‘.. and created all kinds of different flavored edible spoons.. I think he has a new product out out as well.!

Make sure if you are at the show to stop by his booth and say hi to me.. I want to sell you some spoons… lol! If I sell enough maybe he will have me back next year.. (this is me crossing my fingers.. I told him I will be his best salesperson ever.. hmmm) actually it would be so cool to put a face to all the names I see on this site.

I will join you for a meal and pay my own way .. I HATE eating alone! I am staying at the Cosmopolitan and the Mirage (couldn’t get enough comped nights all in a row..) ah well..  I will get my exercise this year. 

emily at the Mirage
Emily and Kathy at Mirage (Beatles Revolution sign)

The Mirage has one of the best buffets around (my opinion only) but Emily Ellyn , Kathy Cardwell and I really enjoyed the incredible variety and tasty treats last year! I’ll let you know what night we are eating there (if she is free) and maybe you can join us.. very informal.

Oh and I also entered the ‘Next Bright Idea’ contest .. ( didn’t I tell you I was a sucker for contests.. we entered many a buffet building contest through-out the yeas and never won anything …sigh).

I entered my INVIS-A-BIB tm and this is my baby I have been developing for two years now!  It will be ready for the conference and I need your votes ! (only vote for it if you think it is the best idea since sliced bread .. ok?) please vote for me anyway… waw…


Just a little update here..  seems I have  been eliminated from the cater buzz site by Lisa Teiger for promoting Jack Milan spoons and  myself I guess. I am really sorry that she felt she had to blackball me. BUT on the bright side.. I have been invited to post in  the ICA Roundtable forum and I am really excited about that and this is my first post on this forum.. I hope you enjoy it!invis-a-bib tm






10 thoughts on “Edible spoons.. Emily Ellyn .. the Next Bright Idea.. what do they all have in common..? read on..

  1. Cherylle,
    First – thank you for your kind words. This is what Catersource is all about….sharing, teaching, learning and giving permission to think outside of the box and reinventing oneself.. It’s always been my pleasure to see you and I love that you’re rebranding yourself as an inventor, even though you’re retired.
    Second – I’m so looking forward to working with you at Edibles By Jack (Booth #2412) and having my #1 salesperson alongside me.
    Third – I look forward to seeing the INVIS-A-BIB. Maybe I can sell some of these for you!
    Fourth – since Emily won ‘Cuthroat Kitchen’, she’ll be taking us out for dinner!
    See you in a few weeks.

    (Also an inventor….. Like Cherylle!!!!

    1. Oh Jack.. you are so nice. I only write what I know and this conference has been invaluable in building our business into a major player in the catering industry. I hope you sell all my INVIS-A-BIBS tm ..lol ! and I hope to sell all your spoons!
      Emily pulled off a win .. maybe I can too? Ah well.. at least we will get supper : )
      I think there is an inventor in all of us!

  2. Hi Cherylle,
    We had conversations a number of years ago about purchasing one of your pitchfork fondue units and learning how to operate that business. While that type of preparation has long fascinated me, I decided to stick with what I knew, and it has paid off handsomely. I enjoyed visiting with you then, and I am looking forward to re-meeting you at Catersource 2015.

  3. Cherylle, I would love to join you and your friends for dinner. I am in my third year of catering and second time to Catersourse, this time on my own. I am so looking forward to it!

    1. It is such a great way to meet people ..I used to look for tables that I could join them for a meal.. I have met so many that way! Stop by Jacks booth or I will post if we can all go someplace for an informal meal.. thanks!

  4. I look forward to chatting with you Bob. Always stick with what you know but never be afraid to try new things. Roy Porter had an interesting story on doing plated meals .. you may want to check that out! (if you are not doing them already)

  5. Hi Cherylle, you make me want to come out of retirement. I am so missing the catering business and everyone who inspired me, like Jack Milan. But at least you still have a foot in the door with your children buying the business. Have fun at the conference!
    Linda @foodhuntress.com

    1. Oh Linda ..I love this business ! I am however re-inventing myself.. even at my age..isn’t it great? I love your pins and followed you foodhuntress ,, what a great name !!! I will have lots of stories to tell I’m sure.. stay tuned : )

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