Forget the carry-on .. it is the carry-out that is more important

Six, count em, SIX dresses.. two tops, three sweaters (the flowy kind) one pair of Capri pants, five pairs of panties (one sexy pair.. just in case). Then there’s my make-up and hair stuff.. had to pare that down. Oh.. and only FIVE pairs of shoes (that was tough). Ok let me see.. hmmm leave my computer at home I guess, my phone will suffice, I’ll only be gone four days.

My recent trip had me traveling with only a carry-on.. did I mention it was an international trip? The male species can survive with very little changes of wardrobe, we females need variety. How the heck are we supposed to choose what dress to wear if we only bring two? Same with shoes.. its just cruel!

The airlines practice discrimination against the whole female population. It must’ve been a man that decided a carry-on was sufficient for traveling? FIFTY DOLLARS for a checked suitcase and the second one a HUNDRED! I could do a lot of shopping with an extra hundred and fifty bucks.. but then the obvious dilemma kicks in… hmmm..

I broke my foot twice, once at a Catersource Conference, I told everyone I tripped while dancing with Brad Pitt at The Rio in Las Vegas 15 years ago. Then the following year, same break, stepping into a gopher hole (no glamour there) while traipsing over a field to go to a country wedding in Sask-at-che-wan (my American friends have trouble pronouncing that…lol). Finding wearable/comfortable shoes is always a pain.

Lest you think I am a clothes horse (what the heck does that mean anyway?) I am not. I’m a big-hearted, lots of curves bright/beautiful..  woman (my blog .. I can write what I want.. lol). I love to wear dresses that are 95% polyester and 5% spandex, THEY don’t wrinkle in suitcases and hide the wrinkles on your body (bonus!) I love to travel.

The Salt Lake City trip was nothing short of magical. It started with me getting all my shit together into one carry-on! There is a thread on Facebook right now about what kind of carry-on to buy. I really don’t think it’s rocket science, I have every kind imaginable. I am a ‘shoe whore’ and have a dress fetish. The inevitable buying another suitcase to get all those new shoes home, sucks (insert happy face here).

The magic continued with my hosts, Nettie and Brant Frank.. they made me a part of their family. I now love their kids and extended family as well. Some people come into your life and it is like you have known them forever.. this is how I felt with them, the dog, not so much.

I had a love/hate relationship with the dog but so do they… bahahaha (a garbage loving mutt). Oh for crying out loud, I just ‘got it’, last name Frank .. dog is a wiener type .. named ‘Frankie’ lol.

Do you venture out of your comfort zone much .. maybe you hold back and stay home rather than face new people and challenges? A lot of us hold back, me included. Something happened in my sixties and not just my divorce of forty years. I have never felt so free and alive, joyful for sure.. adventurous kicks in here too.

Joyful.. this keeps surprising me or was I just late to the table? Is it venturing out of the comfort zone or is it the conscious effort we put into it, that makes it so? Some people are just so gracious and loving.. not me.. well loving, maybe. Gracious ummmm no, but I strive to make others happy.

But I digress.. does everything I write need to turn into a quiz sometimes .. sorry about that.

Some I met on this trip will be part of my life now. How great is that? Some are new friends and I look  forward to spending more time together. Others are on my radar and so interesting, I can’t wait to hear your stories. To all of you reading this.. venture out, reach out, take that trip, go to that function or seminar or dumb party.. I want to meet you :  )

This blog started out with packing a carry-on.. but  it looks like I have stuffed so much more into my carry-out.. and I don’t need to buy another suitcase! Wow .. how great is that?

Ps: I wore ALL of the shoes.. all the sweaters, two dresses got a pass as did one top. The sexy underwear .. well it is still virginal, ah well there will be other trips.







2 thoughts on “Forget the carry-on .. it is the carry-out that is more important

  1. I wish we could have spent more time together as well….. please as me to your blog list and I mean it with Jack spending more time in Florida it will be a must for you to visit

    1. Thank you Mara.. I am honored. I don’t have a blog list hmmmmm I just post it on my-third life page, then share it on my Facebook page. No techie savvy here lol. We will do this for sure, Jack won’t know what hit him…

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