wonton soup and fortune cookies.. I am becoming addicted to both I think

imagesPWYHWIYMSo here I am sick and sick.. when that happens all I want is wonton soup. What is it about that magical soup that makes me feel instantly better? My kids feel the same way.. it has become our comfort food (since when does a Chinese soup become a comfort food?).

Busy week-ends at the catering kitchen and you may not think this, but we don’t ever eat properly and fast food becomes a reality. Picking up Egg Mc Muffins or A&W burgers is the norm.. I know, it is crazy we can feed 500 people that day but not ourselves.fortune cookie

So it is.. when we are crazy played out and just sooooo tired we can’t even move at the end of a grueling week end .. mommy comes in with wonton soup and everyone instantly perks up and savors and chows down on this delicacy.

untitled (72)I have found a place down here that has really good Chinese food but more importantly really, really good wonton soup. I need this elixir to get me through this bug I have picked up. (health bug.. there are no real bugs down here, only rattle snakes and scorpions.. hah!)

They have delivery service but nobody orders in for delivery or not that I have noticed. My mommy is not here to take care of me .. I asked the kids to dig her up and send her to me but then I remembered she hates travel and besides she would never consider leaving Canada to vacation somewhere else. Ah well…  fortune 1

So off we trek .. (girlfriend and I) once more for wonton soup yet again. Here is the interesting part.. my fortune cookie has been telling me really interesting things.” even in the greatest confusion there is an open channel into the soul”. Well lord knows I have had a lot of confusion lately thank goodness my soul is still in receiving mode!

fortune 2Next time out is even more interesting “friendship is love, with understanding” wow, that is insane.. how does it know what my life is going through and what I am needing is some really profound advice?

I am starting to feel somewhat better but my emotional psyche is still in a turmoil and I am feeling the need for some guidance of any kind. I think sick does that to you.. you start to question all things in your life.. when you are down and out and by yourself .. and no one to look after you.. wawwwwww…

Why do moms have to die anyway? Don’t they know we need them even more, when we are grown up, and our kids have kids .. geeze!!!  Ah well I need some more soup and no one is around, so I drag myself yet again into Asian Star (best Chinese food and Japanese too place in Yuma). 

Now.. I am looking forward to the soup and I even order something to eat with it.. a Japanese bento box meal which is delicious! But..  I am impatient for my bill and the pre-requisite fortunes cookie.. and here it comes. My hand shakes somewhat in anticipation ..  and there it is!!! fortune 3

Don’t expect romantic attachments to be strictly logical or rational!” .. ok .. I get it.. I think, hmmm .. I need to contemplate that one for awhile. It is profound and .. and.. I may have to go there again today!  There is another message awaiting me and maybe it will elaborate more on this one.

I’m wondering if this all relates somehow to Tom Selleck .. do you think maybe he is in on this?

Ya I know.. I am sick..

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  1. Hope you get feeling better soon……..nor sure what my comfort food is….hardly ever get sick.

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