continued from.. Two sexy seniors a Lexus and a pup tent

sunrise at Woods Lake BC

Our road trip is as meandering as our conversations on life, love and kids, we are free to play and explore life’s journeys. Well one of us is free. Exploring the road ahead and our journeys past and present, is part and parcel of our (my gf and myself) travels together, these past years.

The visit with my brother and his family is quite decent. I really enjoyed his hovering attentions, he cleans up after us, before we have even finished making a mess! I remember how he used to clean the ashtrays (back in the day when we all smoked) as soon as we finished butting out.

The air mattress I had thrown in last minute, had the legs but not the actual mattress.. I know, my bad, my brother had a spare thank goodness. I have such fond memories of sleeping in a tent on an air mattress, in my younger days. Turns out this is NOT my younger days.

notice we have a cord for iPhone recharging (very important) priorities!

Getting into a pup tent when you are ‘not young’ is a challenge and just one step up from trying to get out of it. The queen air mattress takes up the whole tent and we backed into it on our hands and knees (it was not pretty) .. it is a ‘pup’ tent and not big enough to stand up in.

amazing LeoLight is perfect for our tent!

Once in the tent and snuggled in.. all is well. We have this amazing LeoLight tm.. looks like an alien egg but is a great way to light up a tent without power (it is rechargeable and lasts for 8 hours). I found this neat light at Catersource in New Orleans and never thought I would be using it for camping .. BONUS! Thank you LeoLight for your generous gift, I show it to everyone.. it has 16 shades.. including a red one… uh oh, not going there, but it could be fun..  lol.  (

As I crawl out of the tent on my hands and knees at 2:39 am (yes we sleep with our iphones close beside us) I am reminded of a saying on a tin sign that I bought and put up at my cabin. It is a picture of stickpeople sitting around a campfire roasting wieners.. the caption reads “it is all fun and games .. until someone loses a wiener”.

little white wooden table.. a knee-saver!

I’m wishing I had a ‘wiener’ right now .. I have to pee and there are no bushes in sight. I thank my foresight for putting a little wooden table by the entrance so I can pull myself up from my kneeling position on wet grass (no mean feat) this is when you need a sky-hook. See picture with table and LeoLight tm .. on it.

I hobble from the tent to negotiate four or five different levels of decking going up and down to reach the bathroom in the fifthwheel trailer .. thank goodness there is a moon to guide me because the levels are all tricky. The cruel part is that this need arises again at 6:24 am.. jesus..

All this is trivial (well it is not trivial at the time) annoyances  and they disappear with the amazing sight of a glorious sunrise over the lake seen from our pup tent door/window. This experience dissipates as we realize the air mattress has lost a lot of air. Have you ever tried to get out of a pup tent on an air mattress with little air in it? OMG what I wouldn’t give for that non-existent sky hook right now!

We decide next night to go in head first.. me first, well sir.. that didn’t turn out well at all. I am laying on my back, my feet flailing in the air after crawling in head first and rolling onto my back (there is that deceptive loss of air again). My gf comes by with her iphone in hand and laughing so hard .. I threaten her with death if she dares to take a picture!!!

Thank goodness the power is close by, we hook into a power cord to pump it back up. The fun started to wear off on that little mishap and the air needs to be pumped up twice the second night and co-insides with pee breaks. Cutting down on fluids didn’t work.. dam!

unexpected bonus .. what a treat she is, helping set up our tent.

We bid our farewells on day three, and I am grateful for the chance to know two new people in my life. My brothers grandkids are staying with him for the week-end, a nephew that is 10 yrs old and a niece that is only “free” as she holds up three fingers. That little girl reminds me of my youngest sister and of myself..  for some reason.

This little bitty child is a force to be reckoned with.. I am going to miss her.. a lot! Staying in touch with loved ones is so important.. this road trip has already paid off big time for me. We all have a part in the bigger picture of life, these little ones will one day take over from us.. scary thought huh?

to be continued…


THE TENT STORY  (is coming) I bet you thought that was the tent story .. well I have another one.. stay tuned.