Two sexy seniors .. a Lexus and a pup tent.. “go west old ladies!”

Lexi and gf and bear

It started out as an idea, a road trip to the west coast to re-connect with relates. You know the ones.. they don’t visit with you when they blow into town, but I still like them anyway and wth they are family. Taking a road trip west to annoy them appealed to me.

My travel buddy was game and so our trip was on. At the last minute I threw an air mattress into the back seat and texted my gf to buy a pop-up tent (just in case we couldn’t find a room somewhere). I was picking her up in Edmonton. So began our ‘excellent adventure’ two seniors.. my Lexus car and a pup tent.

I haven’t been this way since a trip with my youngest sister, she has since passed on from this realm, but not my heart. On our way up through the mountains I relate how she insisted we take a different highway, the one we were on was making her ears hurt.. I laughed.. but then again it wasn’t my ears hurting.. ya, sisters.

Our first stop for the evening was Pocahontas Cabins at the base of Miette hot springs. A note posted, informed all of bears in the area and that was excuse enough to rent a room. We had encountered one on the road along the way and gf had an unexpected pit stop.. see picture.

my gf taking unexpected pit stop…lol

The main bed in our quaint room was hard as a rock, and the hide-a-bed was .. well, you know what they are like .. give this place a pass if you visit. The hide-a-bed also revealed a magical ring with a happy face on it that did not match ours, new sheets were ordered!

Try not to stay here! Beds are hard and hide-a-bed not changed and very uncomfortable.

The curvy road is a nail biter but much improved from days gone by, the pools are crowded with dam tourists.. imagine that! We did our part and I braved the mountain ‘fresh water’ cold pool as well… brrrrr. We left there refreshed in spirit and looking forward to a comfy nights sleep.. we had not bounced on the beds yet!

Travelling in a Lexus is a little like floating on a cloud, driving one is even better. Put your first born up as collateral and it is yours. Our gas milage is really good and gf cant believe how far we can go between fill-ups, which are very few indeed! Sticker shock gets us as we fill up in Kamloops.. omg it is over 1.20 a litre!

Temps are 37 Celsius (98.9 Fahrenheit), geez.. Lexi takes it like a trooper and keeps us nice and cool. Gf gets cranky if it is too hot, so tenting in Kamloops is out and Best Western Plus is in! The rooms are beautifully done, sparkling clean and NO carpets on the wood floors.. about time hotels start getting rid of the carpets don’t you think?

Stay here.. this one is a winner, we did the pool in the evening and breakfast was awesome (and included) complete with push button pancakes. The pancakes are delivered on a conveyer .. darn, I didn’t get a picture. Everything you could want for breakfast, and the service was good.. yep we give it two thumbs up.

Woods lake, which is just out of Kelowna, is our destination for the third night and time to annoy my brother with my presence. My sister-in-law sends the directions to my phone and we drive around for over an hour.. lost.. at one point we even head out towards Merritt!

I start wondering if the sister-in-law is sending me a mixed vibe.. hmmm (their directions), we finally give up and phone my brother to come find us and lead us back. Everyone knows that I am directionally challenged but c’mon this was Siri not me.. or was it sister-in-law..

my brother helping with tent as sister-in-law looks on and charming princess niece (love her ; )

My brother finds us and brings us back to his place, they have dinner plans that don’t include us, but we were unexpected.. so I suck it up. The Lexus was comfortable as hell .. it is time to try out the tent. My brother and little niece help with erecting our tent on his patch of grass out front.. he also made us aware of a hotel across the way.. gotta love family eh?

We wander over to the great restaurant he pointed out, where we could get dinner. We love the food and the ambiance and we are looking forward to our tenting adventure..  yes we are!

to be continued..