divorce, Lexus, a pup tent and two sexy seniors.. the saga continues


two sexy seniors as described by ‘us’.. in the pup tent.

Alas.. the Lexus and the pup tent did not live happily ever after! The divorce was amicable however and the pup went into storage for the rest of the trip. Lexi has lots of room yet. The grounds were not complicated, potty training was an issue. Seems as you age more potty breaks are needed at night. We had a potty pail (there are critters out there in the dark!) but nowhere to put it.

My pension check doesn’t pay me enough to crawl in and out of a pup tent at 2:34am and again at 6:23am (what is with that anyway .. I only need one pee break a night at home!) Having it set up at my brothers on Woods lake just out of Kelowna, was fine (well.. just ok) but next time we may be in the wilderness (and that was soon to come to pass).

She is ‘free’

Taking leave from my brothers was bitter-sweet.. I was going to miss my newly acquainted niece and nephew. We really do need to make family visits more often, how else are those two going to know what a fabulous auntie I am? I did promise my niece a paddle boat if she came to live with me.. I so love kids at her age (she is ‘free’) they are so malleable.

Walmart in Kelowna was our first stop after leaving my brothers place.. we were on a mission. A bigger tent.. and we needed an air mattress, brand new.. no leaks! My excitement level was high, I gotta confess I was like a kid, my god.. a bigger tent, I could hardly wait to check out all of our options..

The excitement waned somewhat as I eyed up the half empty shelves.. seems it is the end of the season and not much selection. Then I spotted it.. a lonely red and white box with a Canadian flag on it.. a four person tent! My gf and I could get lucky on this trip (well only speaking for myself here.. because I am ‘free’).  I digress..

This catches my eye “sets up in Sixty Seconds” ! That is printed right on the box, really! What follows next makes perfect sense to me and comes as naturally as eating out (no cooking for us!).

so far so good

“Sixty Seconds .. it says SIXTY SECONDS to set it up!” I exclaim to anyone with-in earshot. I go in search of a clear spot in Walmart to set it up. Let me be perfectly clear on this.. if it had said “takes forever to set up” it wouldn’t even have entered my mind to do what I did next.

Two isles over is a huge clear space.. my god it is perfect! I am over the top with excitement now. “Ok girlfriend.. get out your iPhone and video this .. lets see if they are guilty of false advertising.”

Taking it out of the box and bag I lay it out.. hmmm.. now what? I go and look at the directions sewn into the bag (great idea btw.. you will never lose them). Turns out the directions didn’t help and in fact, made no sense to me at all.. but made perfect sense once I set it up! The set up takes me more than 60 seconds though!

well almost standing…lol

This tent actually takes me over 300 seconds to set up .. but I am still excited, that is only five minutes! We stand in our new home and feel like proud parents of a new baby, because we are definitely buying it! Still on my high.. we go in search of an air mattress. Size matters, we need to fit an air mattress into the tent and blow it up too!

How many of you know the options available for an air mattresses.. the sizes, heights, widths and lengths and.. omg! For crying out loud, there are more choices for air mattresses than there are for condoms.. have you ever shopped for condoms? (we’ve all looked.. lol) Pregnancy and safe sex is something we all need be mindful about.. just sayin.

This turns into one of our girl talks and laughter rings out in this isle. What is the difference between 16 inches and 22 inches.. well just 6 inches and we all know how much that is, don’t we? Getting up and down from an air mattress makes a few inches all the more important.

As we are settling on which mattress to try when a Walmart employee and his assistant manager come around the isle.. carrying our tent which is back in the red bag! What the hell? I am so not happy about this..  they took down our tent before we got to check out an air mattress in it.

No amount of indignity and then cajoling works to make them set it back up.. dam! The manager is somewhat mollified upon hearing we didn’t hear them dismantling it or their conversation as they were taking it down. hmmm.. I am still not happy!

He does however, help us make a final decision on a mattress (22″ queen size) and even a blow-up pump.. (forgot about that). He is even agreeable that we can return the pup tent. (turns out we can’t find the bill, but gf has it at home and will return it there).

In the end we are ‘happy campers’, literally  .. and can’t wait to try out our new digs! Look out Vancouver Island, we are on our way….

Made in Canada (canadiana) 98.00 full reg. price.

ps.. we have the video but it is on gf iPhone and she is having problems sending it to me.. this is the exact same tent (made in Canada) and it is only 98.00 ‘Canadian money’.


copyright august 31 2017