Caribbean cruise part two

Our second day and first full day at sea 7:30 am we awake to room service, well my girlfriend awakes and lets him in. I turn over and go back to sleep until 9:30 then rush up to the pool to catch the 10:00 am aqua fit class. I discover I have brought my MasterCard instead of my room key, I dash back to our room before my gf leaves. Then I decide to hell with the class and we go for a real breakfast. (room service was tea and fruit)

So this is a story about nothing, we spent all day on deck tanning and reading and snacking. The pool is great and I actually get in two sessions of my water exercises. The water is a little cool so I pretty much have the pool to myself. Kids are not allowed in this pool because it has no shallow end and is seven ft. deep.
We have two pools on this ship and four large hot tubs.

I meet a guy from Tampa that takes these cruises to different ports so he can visit the pawn shops. Seems he picks up old watches, fixes them and then sells them on eBay. He is in the pool with me and has lost 50 lbs on weight watchers (I think he is gay) so I won’t be getting lucky with him. I have to say here that I have lost many, many pounds on weightwatchers throughout my years, however, they always magically find their way back home :  ) I have a lot gay friends, one of them told me once that I attract them, I have no clue what that means. I have occasionally thought of switching sides, only because of the slim pickings of guys on the dating sites. (most of them look like they are mug shots from incarcerations) We meet a black couple from San Francisco, she says she’s been observing us in the pool and is amazed that we seem to be floating in the deep water. I explain why we were floating, the water is salt water and very buoyant. She is afraid of the water and didn’t even bring her bathing suit. Her name is Joyful hmmm, that doesn’t sound right, ok now I remember. Her name is Rejoice, her hubbys name is Leroy. They live in San Francisco by the sea, how could you not know how to swim living that close to the ocean, I think to myself.

We shared a table at supper with a single gal, Christine from Montreal. She is going to Nicaragua for the winter geeze, doesn’t sound like a fun place to me, but to each their own. This is formal night, gf and I are looking really good. We take in the show after another great supper (with dessert, I did two sessions in the pool remember). The entertainment is amazing, a compilation of several Broadway shows including songs from Jersey boys, which I love. Banjo player is nowhere to be seen thank God. We catch some tunes in Dazzies disco later, it is seventy’s night. We have a drink and dance some, then call it a night.

On our second full day at sea we decide to ‘DO ACTIVITIES’ re: our intentions to stay out of our broom closet room. SOOOOOO we forgo room service and do breakfast in the dinning room, we just make it for our ‘arts and crafts’ class (at 9:45 ya I know, it is a little early for us but what the heck). We have no idea what this is going to be about but decide we need something to decorate the broom closet (which is our room). Turns out to be origami birds, well how hard can this be? HMMMMM.. turns out we are both Origami challenged and our instructor practically yells at us “what the heck did you do?.. you KILLED your birds!” Oh well, we tried but we should maybe rethink the jewelry making class that we are going to pay for, that could be even more painful. So we make like the birds and ‘flock off’ back to the broom closet and change for the pool.

Having been on many cruises, I love cruise ships and I love exploring new ports and cities. Even though our room is small, most rooms are on the small side on cruises, unless you have lots of cash to pay for a suite. I actually don’t spend time in my room anyway when cruising, I prefer being on deck where I always seem to find some kind of trouble to get into. I’m a sociable person, and make friends easily. I love the food and sun and doing nothing at sea. Well there is lots of stuff to do but with reading and sunning you don’t get hurt, and no one yells at you if you do it wrong.. it will be awhile before I ever try crafts again.. just sayin.

to be continued…