who do I need to sleep with.. to stay here ?

untitled (79)It is so hard to believe that it is time for me to leave this place that I have come to love. My new home feels like a second skin to me, I have made so many new friends.

Some of them have been fodder for a few stories on this blog of mine. The Elizabeth Taylor one, the shoot-out at OK Corral .. the Girl that ate hummingbird eggs.. all these characters are real and funny and smart and I love them all.

Elizabeth has more hats and sunglasses and bling than all of us in the whole park put together. She has a shoe thingy (the hanging type) by her door filled with sunglasses and when she leaves she matches a pair to her outfit (brilliant!) But.. I am making some headway.. especially in the shoe department .. I am a shoe-slut after all. I found two pairs of shoes in Sketchers-Ville yesterday.. omg it is like walking on PILLOWS!Sketchers shoes

It was buy one pair get the second for 50% off. Funny how that works.. is there anyone that would buy only one pair!? Well is there?

My other friend says “haven’t you got enough shoes?” Is she a man .. dressed in drag? ya think? She reads this and I am dead meat ! (she is a character as well but I haven’t found the right story for her yet, she is also one of my favorites)

That remark reminded me of one the border guy commented to me, when I was exiting Mexico. He said “you need all these purses?” WHAT !! Can you ever have enough purses? .. especially Michael Kors and Louis Vutton and Dior and.. and.. well women understand this, men just don’t get it.

My flippant remark got me pulled aside..so I am careful now (can’t live without my supply line).

mk purses 1The soft blue leather Gucci purse was my favorite and I got more compliments on that purse.  A good girlfriend ended up with it.. she coveted it every time she laid eyes on it. Giving it to her was what I had to do, I knew she would love it like her own.

I did refrain from buying more this year, well ok.. there was this one soft yellow MK, oh and a smaller really cute.. so ok.. I bought three more !! I know in my heart that I will give these away as well, it is what I do. (well I might keep the yellow one.. just sayin)

The people here in Parkie-ville have made me feel welcome and at home. I did have to learn how to play Pinochle (the anti-card game) believe me when I say it was not an easy game to learn. I think sometimes they makeup the rules to confuse me even more (which is not hard to do).

The favorite saying in this game (it is a bidding game to name trump) “well.. I’ll just put in a small bid and then help my partner”.. hmmm translated that means I’ll bid it INTO THE GROUND so you can’t have it! And then I need a shovel to dig us out of the hole I got us into.images95FT577O

Oh and I get accused for every Canadian nickel that shows up in their pot.. they are sneaky that way! They know I am playing so they bring their random Canadian change (you know.. they are losing sleep wondering how they can get rid of it). They sneak it into the pot (we each pay .35) when no one is looking .. but I have big shoulders.canadian nickle

I tell them I only play because I need the American money ( 1.75 first place) so I can continue to live down here. I do love it here.. so much so that I think I want to stay longer so I may need a green card!

 At the pool I let it be known that they can hire me to be a housekeeper.. but be aware I don’t do housework! Uh uh I’d sooner poke needles in my eyes than clean someone else’s house,  geeze! But I will cook for them!

I have also put out the word that I am open to marry an American or .. who do I have to sleep with to stay here (please let it be TomSelleck).. but I only have 6 days left so I guess I am sol. imagesBXCAN0P8

My time here has been very productive and it has become my second home. I leave only because I have to and I can’t find that person I have to sleep with! Darn! Ah well, I’m sure my family back home is missing me, I know my granddaughter is waiting patiently for my return!

I have a new chapter happening in my life..  my granddaughter is moving in with me upon my return (she graduates this year). My kids have bets on how long this will last.. as for me.. oh wow.. I’m thinking of all the great stories I am going to write.. for my blog!