Prime Minister Stephen Harper .. and me

untitled (87)I’m checking into my face book this morning and I glance at the friends I may know feed,  one of them catches my eye. Hmmmm this guy looks familiar and isn’t that his picture? I look again to see if it is some sort of joke or what.. ?

After scrutinizing it for a good minute, checking the spelling and the picture, I figure yes.. that’s him alright! So I get a little excited (like I did when Martha Stewart showed up on my Pinterest) and I move to click the friend button on him. Just before clicking I hesitate, and think … whoa.. slow down, I need to give this some thought.untitled (88)

What if he accepts and then what? Will this cause an influx of politicians showing up on my feed? Then another thought occurs to me.. do I really want him reading my blog? Well if Martha Stewart is reading it.. maybe he is interested too. I did print that piece written by a friend of mine on why gas is so cheap. I also did a rant on terrorism.

That’s it.. eureka’.. the Prime Minister of Canada is gauging the pulse of the common man through Facebook. I am not the common man though, and I have been away from my country for five months and have no idea what is happening back home. Is he still Prime Minister even.. ok that was a joke, of course he is and that is why he is on my Facebook feed.. it must be an election year.images95FT577O

imagesHFZJ3HIWDo you think he shows up on everyones feed? I decide to hold off on the friend button and go to my aqua fit class. I announce to everyone that Stephen Harper has shown up on my Facebook friends feed. They look at me waiting for an explanation..” do you know who Stephen Harper is” I ask them all. Well not one of them even wants to guess.

Maybe that is a good thing.. no big messy scandals to discuss. To be fair.. someone did ask the score of the ball game at Pinochle last night and I asked who was playing in the world series?Well it is hot summer weather here.. has been for awhile, and I am not into sports, so I figured they are talking about baseball. I knew it wasn’t hockey because they said ballgame.untitled (89)

Well it turns out they are talking about basketball (college one)..  something about final four. So I guess I am not so smart either. I ask my girlfriend (she is also Canadian) she says Harper hasn’t shown up on her feed. So what is with all this attention, first Martha Stewart following me on Pinterest and now the Prime Minister of Canada on my feed?images (99)

Someone is messing with me or .. or.. he found out about Martha and he wants to be my friend too? Delusional maybe .. but being Prime minister can’t be an easy job, especially when so many people don’t like you and think you are arrogant and self-serving. (ah well ..  he is a man.. oops my outside voice again)

I tiptoe away from politics when I can.. so I turn to Sharon and ask her would she friend him? Then I ask the girls in the pool if the President showed up on their feed would they friend him.. like I said I try to stay away from politics..  AND FROM NOW ON I WILL !!

What's his name?
What’s his name?

Well we did learn something today American friends now know our Prime Ministers name (which they will forget by tomorrow) and I know that a ball game is a basketball game! Basketball is big time down here, especially final four.. whoever gets the final four points wins the golden hoop. See I forgot already what that was.

Ah well.. I wonder if that is something like winning the Oscars? I have a question for politicians show upon your friends feed or how about movie stars ? Oh and one more question, where do all these folks come from anyway.. is there a green room on face book and they are all chilling out just waiting for us to friend them?