Americanized ? na.. we are more the same than different

imagesAE0C25T6So I ask one of my new friends (I told her a couple days ago who our prime minister was.. well actually I asked and she googled it) what color is the Canadian flag? She says red , white and blue. Seeing the look on my face she says ok.. is there green in it? I then ask her to describe it.

“Well I can’t describe it .. but I will KNOW it when I see it”, says my American friend about our Canadian flag. Sorting her images95FT577Oout.. on it being a red maple leaf on a white background with red panels on either end, I wonder how she got blue or green in there? Asking her the Prime Ministers name again gives me a half right answer.. she changes his last name to Parker.. from Harper.

This friend is an author and writes romance mystery novels (published) I call them Harlequins to bug her. She says have you ever read one, I answer .. have you read my blog? So we are at an impasse.. she has a great sense of humour, I wrote about her eating humming bird eggs in another blog.

imagesH3SPHK76See.. we go to the pool on the hotter days and most of them wear a hearing aid, but not in the pool. We get into some really weird conversations because of the hearing thing and it can get pretty raunchy.. we discuss all things. I suspect some of the men in the pool wish they were completely deaf when we get going!

When I wrote in my blog about author friend being married she was quick to remind me that she is NOT married! So what am I supposed to say.. live in lover.. shacked up sweetie… umm living in sin social butterfly? Her live in partner and her have been together for over 30 years! And we need to find a new moniker for these kinds of situations don’t you think?

See.. it has a lot to do with social security down here.. she gets it from divorced and dead first husband. Even though he went on to marry again, it only lasted 8 years.. had it lasted ten then second wife would have got the windfall… go figure..

There are many others living the same way.. if they marry again they lose that monthly check. She has a name for it but it is dumb.. pppppqlp stands for something… I can say this because she says, I quote “no one reads blogs” I say “no one reads Harlequins!” .. and we are OFF.. on another discussion that her novels are NOT Harlequins. I enjoy sparring with her. She is threatening to marry me off to one of the villains in her novels.imagesGA8JHL2B

The more time I spend with these new friends the more I learn about their ways and their attitudes. Although most have been married at least twice (one eight times, another five, but I suppose when you get our age it is more likely we have had a few marriages under our belts.. so to speak) a lot are living together because of antiquated social security laws. Most belong to a church and go there at least once a week and a lot more also do ‘bible study’ or what they call Sunday school.

My Canadian girlfriend and I are odd man out on this. (and btw living in sin is fine with me.. I offer to sleep with anyone to get a good deal .. so I do not judge.. hahahah ). I would just be happy to even have a boyfriend.

Religion scares the crap outta me.. look what is happening around the world.. all in the guise of religion! I rest my case. I am not a heathen either, but I do not find it necessary to be churched. The politics here are kinda shared as well .. no one likes the President. Well maybe we aren’t so different .. we are dis-enchanted with our Prime Minister as well. images3W5YXQWF

So bashing politicians is a favorite sport here. We hardly need to use any energy for that, which is too bad because we are always eating. They have two make that three ..ummm ok so maybe four hmmm.. five or is it six… geeze, get togethers a month. Actually I can’t count how many there are.

th29DINYJJTaco Tuesdays .. ladies Koffee klatch (morning once a month) ladies at Da Boyz (luncheon Italian restaurant once a month) Dine out. two different groups once a week. Coffee and donuts every Saturday morning .. 7:00 am much too early for me (breakfast same time once a month).

Then there are the birthday Sundays with cake and ice cream and the potlucks and..and…  Well add in Pinochle three nights a week and aqua fit every morning and we are time challenged as well (just not enough time to do everything we want to do).

CG (Canadian girlfriend) and I use the pool a lot. The rest of the populace down here only use it when it gets above 90.. well even then less than 10% actually use it.

The most important thing I am learning down here is that we are all pretty much the same… other than the language barrier. If I ask them to speak slower then I can usually understand them.

 CG and I are getting Americanized.. we are learning the language differences (we speak Canadian and a roof is a ruff in American speak)!

 It is going to be very hard on us when we get back home .. accepting Canadian money into our lives again will be tough! Ah well… and this too shall pass… (ok off to aqua-fit, I will edit and put pictures into this later)