waking up privileged

Lets play pretend.. you are a white middleclass person living in a democratic society, you have friends, family and a pretty good life. Now lets pretend you can do it all over again. Pick whatever race you would like to be born into, in whatever country that you wish.

How many of you picked being born on a first nations reserve? I’m sure there are a lot because I’ve heard the laments of most, wanting a ‘treaty’ number.. hell I am even guilty of that! Or maybe a Politian’s family because we certainly can voice our superior knowledge on how to run a country better than anyone else.

Did you pick being born in Syria or any other war torn country? How about being born into a black African American family or on an American reservation? Afghanistan or North Korea or China.. do any of those places appeal to you? Ukraine, Russia, Crimea or even the Philippines?

The Philippines maybe.. I’m not sure, seems a lot of them are immigrating here so there has to be a reason for that. Many are saying what a great deal new immigrants are getting, I’m sure some of us want to trade places with them.. right?

I am guilty of misconceptions, bigotry and even racism. My struggle to be a better person and understanding these issues is ongoing. We live in one world only and sharing it with all races and countries in peace and harmony should be in everyone’s best interest wouldn’t you think?

The point of this particular blog is to voice my opinion, I can do that because it is my blog. My journey in this my third life..  is to become a better person.. period! I need to stand up and be counted and if no one is listening then at least my family knows where I stand. I want to be proud of myself and know I didn’t back down on social issues or participate in name calling.

Lets start at the beginning. I could have been born in the Ukraine or England, my grandparents come from there. I could have also been born in Ireland and ended up a casualty of the religious wars there. This didn’t happen because my grandparents decided to immigrate to Canada.

If the indigenous peoples of North America united and said GO HOME or killed everyone when they landed.. well, this would all be a moot point! Not that they didn’t try, I’m sure, but there was just too many of us I guess. Same thing in America.. the natives didn’t have an Ellis island to process newcomers or they may have sent them all back, with an arrow..

Fortunately for us we were far superior to these natives and we relegated those savages to live on reservations. They wouldn’t bother us there as we went about taking over all the real estate we could. The Americans were a little bit lazier than us and they bought black people from Africa to do all their dirty work. They also relegated their natives to reservations.. it must have been a ‘white thing’…hmmm

So here it is.. we are no better for what we have done to the natives of these lands. Every single one of us and yes that includes you in America.. is an offspring of an immigrant on this soil! The native population is the exception, and its a good thing they aren’t making the rules eh? Well good for you and for me, and but not so good for them.

In Canada our new prime minister is looking to make changes to those injustices suffered by our indigenous peoples. It is time for us to grow up and accept the obvious. Same in America.. we are all transplants from other countries.. why do we have to suppress and denigrate others to make ouselves feel better?

Why can’t we work together to make it a happier place for all of us? Can’t we lift each other up instead of tearing others down? Sure there are good people and bad people in ALL RACES, but good wins out doesn’t it?

I am only one person, but now more than ever, with racism starting to become acceptable, we need to stand up and be present. We are not better than anyone else.. just more freaking privileged wouldn’t you agree? If you don’t believe me, close your eyes and pretend you are going to be born again .. into a first nations family on a reserve..

What.. you don’t like that?

I rest my case..

So why not lets make sure we are not participating in or propogating bigotry, racism or especially name calling.. but rather be doing our part in finding a solution.. we are but one world and one race only..

‘the human race’


copyright July 5th 2017