killed by a trailer hitch or hate?

Barbara Kentner

WHY are we relaxing our guard against intolerance? Is it now ok to be a bigot and a racist.. well is it? Are we digging up our deepest insecurities and layering them on top of every piece of common decency we possess?

On what level is it ok to throw a trailer hitch out of a vehicle window at an unsuspecting 34 year old first nations woman, and shout out “I got one!” What is wrong with us? Her name was Barbara Kentner and she just died from her injuries.

Why have we allowed ourselves license to dig up, expose and cultivate such a crop of  bigotry and intolerance? AND.. what is this fake news paranoia .. are you kidding me? Was that a fake-believe trailer hitch made with fake hate?

What the hell is going on? How are we to handle all this bullshit that has us mired in a cesspool of everything that is unbecoming of any of us. I fear there is not enough pitchforks in hell to accommodate all this crap! How did we get to here anyway?

Can we blame one man for all this or did we let down our guard and allowed the seeds of intolerance to take hold. Unchecked these weeds are taking root in our very souls.. It is time to weed the garden of our humanity. Lets rid ourselves of the evil that is germinating there and give it no purchase!


copyright July 8th 2017