are you that judgey person?

We are possessed with inside voices that judge us in various ways. Mine talks to me out loud sometimes, but only when I know I am totally alone.. “oh sure.. scarf that down, it’s not like you have a life” sad but true. I have at times been my own harshest critic. I also heap the praise on when it’s due, “wow.. you freaking nailed that one!” so it evens out I guess.

Working on my inside images is important.. keeping them more or less free from the negatives is my goal. We all need to feel loved and accepted right? We also need to love and accept ourselves unconditionally.. hopefully with no ifs, ands or buts.

If, I lose 20 pounds I will accept my body.. but, that dreadful thing happened to me, so I am broken.. and, maybe at some future time and place I will be able to own it (when I am perfect).. whew,  crazy huh?

Why not own it today.. warts and all? Well I don’t have any warts, thank goodness, I do have a rash though.. but I digress. Being at my heaviest is a little disconcerting and I have my own inner struggles with that. Mostly though these days, I pay attention to my health. My own personal journey with this has been interesting and it is still a journey.

What journeys do you travel.. with family or spouses/partners, your friends? The spouse/partner thing is a biggy to some, especially if that particular person is abusive, condescending or uncaring. Nothing like living with a joy-sucker to make living a  joy-less life. There is only one solution to that and I wish you strength and courage with that one.

Which brings me to another point I wanted to explore this morning.. judging others. We all do it and I am guilty as well. Part of my own journey is to erase that ugly wart (oh hell, I guess I do have them after all) from my soul..

I recently had someone judge me out loud.. not be confused with judging someone in your head (which it is where it should stay btw). True, she had a few drinks, and it was all in my best interests, because she wanted me to live a long life. Seems I needed to put walking 20 minutes everyday into my daily routine. oh.. and never eat donuts.. ever!

Exercising in a pool everyday, well most days (which I do for 30 minutes btw) had no merit. Could it be because she hates water that she dismissed my personal routine without consideration. hmmmm More important is the fact I hadn’t seen her for a long time and wanted to enjoy her company and hear what was happening in her life.

Her children are delightful and I love it when I get to visit or be around them. I miss them and wish we could spend more time together. That is the whole point isn’t it? We gather together to share and explore and appreciate each others experiences. The joys, the sorrows and sharing the exciting journeys of our lives.

This makes me wonder about judgey people.. are they truly happy or are they only happy when they can judge others, by their own standards? If the latter is the case then they need to keep it to themselves.

We all need to look at each other and ask ourselves .. why do I like you? Would I like you better if you were thinner, smarter or better looking? Would I like you better if you wore Louie Vuitton or Prada or had a Coach purse? Well.. would I?

Chances are I like you because you make me smile and because you like me (well I hope you do) or you make me laugh or just being with you makes me feel good. We enjoy each other and isn’t that the whole point? The delightful feelings of friends and family and camaraderie .. we laugh, we joke we cry..

Some bring out the best in us while others bring out the worst, but I will save that for another blog…lol.

Who do you judge and why ? “Do not judge lest ye be judged”.. Excuse me while I go out to get some wart remover.. maybe some patches while I’m there, to help my judgey relative quit smoking… oooops..


copyright June 26th 2017