eat a beaver .. save a tree.. those darn beavers just don’t quit!

What is with the abundance of beavers here? They are seriously making a dent in the foliage surrounding the lake. Fortunately for me or unfortunately, I have no trees left. Well between my son and myself we are hoarding this one tree. This tree may not be magnificent but it is the only tree left standing and it is like a third finger ‘in your face! to those dam beavers!

Every dugout, pond and stream .. not to mention lakes, is teeming with these eager little, ‘leave no tree left standing’ beggers. The province has issued several bounties in several RMs to try and control the population. You can get 30 dollars a tail, and that is pretty cheap for a piece of tail now-a-days!

My problem is that these industrious creatures are eating up my privacy .. one bite at a time. My neighbor’s are fairly new and they have trees that allow them privacy, but to the beavers it is easy picking! They have an unobstructed path to the smorgasbord of trees and bushes along both sides of me.

My outdoor shower is finally enclosed.. and I have a special appreciation for my neighbours trees because there are gaps in the boards of this shower and the beaver view could be two-sided!

So… trees are important in my little world here. A beaver destroys an average of five hundred trees a year.. that is almost a tree and a half a day! Is that why they are called eager beavers I wonder?

The relates up here and neighbor down the way caused 120 of them to take a journey to ‘beaver heaven’ last year! I think we should put them on the menu and have a contest for the best recipe for cooking a beaver!

Roasted .. brined or boiled, grilled or sautéed beaver dishes .. eat the beavers and save our trees. I wonder if they taste like chicken?