Trust should be a sacred cow.. not to be sacrificed in vain!

untitled (68)Trust should be a sacred cow.. a vow.. like  when you get married you agree to love each other warts and all. Well sometimes the warts are so bad you just can’t separate them from the frog .. then you need to get rid of them.. frog and all.

Trust is another matter.. it is more sacred than marriage I think. When you find someone you really trust,. you can bare your soul and feel safe. Girlfriends do that all the time, we know who we can trust and who we can’t.

Giving your trust to someone close is so personal. It is like a pact.. I have your back.. you have mine. We all have such close people in our lives but recently I have had to re-evaluate my judgment. We are so quick to trust and that sometimes causes us so much images (83)heart-ache. When we trust we give it our all .. and it takes a lot for us to finally cut the cord.

Having someone break your trust is pretty painful.. and heartbreaking too! It brings my whole value judgment into play. What did I miss.. where did I go wrong.. how could I have been so stupid ? That is the worst feeling of all.. how could I have been SO STUPID? And maybe that is what hurts the most..

I DO BELIEVE IN GIVING A PERSON THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT AND A CHANCE TO REGAIN OR EXPLAIN. Ahhhh regaining trust is a long drawn out procedure and many do not pass the test. Some really do deserve a second chance but most do not.. I think once you have betrayed someone you will do it again.

There are times you need to forgive and forget.. that is mostly with partners and family. They need to images (82)come clean first though.. and be sincere in their regrets.. we all deserve that at least , don’t you think?

When you lose trust in someone the relationship is gone I think. In a marriage it is doomed .. maybe in a relationship as well. In a friendship well.. it becomes civil I guess, depending on the misdemeanor.

The world is full of distrust today.. it has become an epidemic. Politicians .. the government.. the media.. who do we trust anymore. Even the church and religions are turning into a battlefield.

How can you know if a person is being truthful .. even in marriages there is a lot of hidden secrets and unsavory truths.images5EWKQXR4 How did we get here I wonder .. is the internet a culprit in all this.. or just a means to deceive, relieve or believe?

One thing is for sure .. what you put out on the internet could come back to cause problems in your life, trust me!  We all leave a footprint and you can delete all you want but if you put it on there it is out there, you can’t get it back.  me .. will you look at me.. what the heck am I doing?

Well I hope to never cause any distrust to my friends or family.. sometimes I cover stuff in my life that is painful for some. I only do it to figure out my own life, where do I fit in and how did I get here from there..  maybe some can relate to what I have gone through.

I trust with my whole being and if you are my friend or my family I would not betray you or say things to hurt you .. at least I sure hope I don’t. If I do, imagesJ2V07E9Dit is unintentional and you need to tell me so I don’t do it again. For me to lose trust in you it has to be in my face to believe it.

I hope it is a misunderstanding with my most recent experience.. I truly value the relationship. It will be hard for me to trust again .. it puts my own personal judgment into question and that is almost harder to accept. And that my friends and readers (if you are following me) is the crux of the matter.

And the truth shall set you free