boring vs stupid

imagesZ9WEM6NEI had someone tell me recently that the conversation we were having was boring and stupid… hmmm. Well I am stupid sometimes and I’ll freely admit that.. and I’m sorry, but the boring part is just not true.

OR maybe it is..

If you are not interested in what I am saying then maybe it could be boring. I wonder if I bore anyone else this way? I like to figure things out and so I need to do a little digging sometimes and that requires some innate questions.

My favorite is relationship questions because I am looking at forming new relationships. I am also trying to figure out old ones, so I don’t repeat my mistakes. For the male species, I don’t care how much money you have or how many toys you own, do you believe in kissing? For my female friends, its how many toys do you own and what’s your favorite..

I also don’t care how big your house is or what kind of car you drive, well maybe the car “does it excite you to drive it?” If you are going to pay big bucks for a vehicle, it should make your heart race a bit to drive it, don’t you think?

Do you have love in your life.. or do you still even make love? This question pops outta my mouth quite often. You will be amazed to learn many of you are not making love at all and are even sleeping in separate beds! I know.. I couldn’t believe it either!

earingsWhat makes your heart sing? Is that a stupid question or is it boring? Actually a friend gave me a pair of earrings last night to match a ring I bought myself for Xmas. I need to put up a picture here and I will. This may make me look shallow but omg.. it made my heart sing and I wanted to plant a big kiss on her, but settled for a huge hug.

Stupid people bore me.. could I really be one of those? Actually if you are truly stupid and don’t know it, then I think you will be just fine. It is the boring people thatuntitled (69) wear out my patience, lord please if I am boring take me now! … hmmm… I’m still here.

Politicians are boring as hell, don’t you think? That is unless they get into a sex scandal and then they turn really interesting.. and stupid both! I could never be a politician, ever, I am much too emotional and can’t keep my mouth shut.

My sex life alone would eliminate me from contention.. or lack of one, nothing to write about. Politics do interest me, but only because I believe in equality for all. I want my kids and grandkids to respect all human life.. and I want to have peace on earth, the whole earth!

Let’s venture out from our comfort zones.. plan a trip, get involved in a project or just make a new friend. Bake a cake or try a new recipe. Take a bus or sleep with someone new… oops that slipped out. Smile at strangers, but don’t take candy from them, unless it is Tom Selleck. He is on my bucket list, is that boring? Stupid maybe.. loll.

So the gist of this blog is simple, I may talk about stupid things and I know I have shortfalls, but tell me this .. are you a great kisser? Kissing is so underrated and it can lead to some incredible sexual experiences.. don’t you think?

Time to sign off .. if I ever bore you please just stick a knife in me and twist it…..

Stupid huh?