Allure of the Seas (part one)

aqua-theater-allure-of-the-seasWe are now on the biggest cruise ship on the ocean ( One of Oprahs favorite things ) !!!!!!!

The transfer to this ship from Norwegian went smooth. Which was great as it was raining and cold in Miami . This was quite a shock from all our sun filled days!

We later heard that Allure had a miserable trip with a cancelled stop at Nassau because of foul weather the week before. Apparently it is now operating on one engine ( how true is that?…ok I am going to ask the captain tonight.)

We have special privileges on this ship because Sharon is a Diamond status guest and I am a lowly emerald…higher than gold and platinum though! We are invited to an exclusive show tonight with the captain (one of a few exclusive thingys…and FREE!)

I am not sure where to start. First off, we are overwhelmed by this massive ship ! It’s  kinda like Las Vegas.  How do you explain Las Vegas to some one that has never been there ?

I have had no time to devote to this journal as nap time trumps journal time. Actually,  we have had no naps (ok so I snuck one in on Tuesday ) …there is just too much to see and experience on here. The best way to describe this ship is , think West Edmonton Mall , now make it a mini West Ed on water and that is pretty accurate!

Except for the entertainment….my god….!! We took in the Broadway show CHICAGO last night and I want to tell you it was one hell of a show ! We also took in the Aqua show which was similar to a circ  show in Vegas and I have seen most of them!

photo 4This also was breathtaking when you see them diving from the top of the ship (we are on deck five …the ship has 17 floors) into this little pool omg! We have reservations for two more shows and also plan on attending a headliner show as well….geeze … we are in bed by eleven every night …ok so maybe nine or ten except last night…haha.

We think the free drinks at Diamond club are interfering with our night life , we cannot stay awake after  a late supper unless we have a show.(We are cheap drunks…Sharon and I…two drinks and we are done!)

We had lunch and breakfast in the Park Café in Central Park THE Best beef on a bun …(next to ours , of course). Breakfast was just as good with every kind of bagel and toppings….I can’t even begin to do justice to the food….except to sample it…jesus …this is totally sinful and I plan on going to confession as soon as I get back….but I’m sure there is a special place in purgatory for me .

We have everything you could ever want , including a Starbucks , high end  restaurants to Nathans Famous Hotdogs at Johnny Rockets ! Oh and…and…a Coach store (no guys it not a sporting goods place …haha).

The main promenade (floor five and six) is a wide open glass domed area almost as long as the ship with rooms tiered up the inside and open from central park (eight floor) , so if it rains outside …it rains…inside !

The solarium is on several levels and is a real treat to go and relax , it has hot tubs and a pool as well as couches and comfy chairs , deck chairs …food , omg this is lovely. Spectacular views of the ocean and Labadie (Island Haiti is on and the Dominican ) ..great for taking pictures of destinations because it is like you are on top floor of a skyscraper.

photo 5Best part….are you ready….? We are on the ninth floor forward and just a short distance to elevators that take us to all our favorite places …lol. and….and…. we have not bought one thing …… yet…..ok so we dropped some money at the spa.

We have use of the thermal suite for the whole trip, those marble or whatever they are , heated loungers and the aromatherapy steam rooms and dry heated  rooms. (how do you have a dry heated steam room anyway?) They also have rainforest showers complete with light show and sound.

Our room is an upgrade from the broom closet we had on Norwegian. We have a spacious room with a balcony and more room for EVERYTHING , but when did they stop putting make up mirrors in the rooms and amenities like shampoo and conditioner ?

This was the first time we decided to go without packing these things …..omg …. oh…and …packing my suitcase was somewhat of a nightmare from the Norwegian!

Soooooo ….I will be buying yet another carryon …which should bring my total to four from previous trips….sigh ……maybe my hypnotist tape has something to help me with my shopping habits….NOT !

We are bound for Jamaica and will be docking shortly. I hate to say this but it is freaking hot and we have closed our balcony door and cranked up the air……there …I said it…haha. We will be hiring a taxi to take us to  three different snorkelling places  today. Yes…I bought snorkel stuff …found out it was for a kid, after the fact , but it has been working for me so far , not the flippers though , ah well, my grandson will get these when I get back.

OK I’m done and we have just about docked. It looks like the Oasis of the Seas (twin to this ship) is docked here as well…..that should increase the island population by 10,000 or more! We have 5800 passengers and 2300 crew on ours  alone! Getting on and off the ship is easy and not at all crowded like you think it would be. Everything is pretty smoothly run.


…….. to be continued…….  I guess this is Day Four of Allure Cruise.