Tooth Fairy is really a dentist in Mexico .. Dr Arturo Castillo

Remember the tooth fairy? Took all our teeth when they fell out in our younger years. Well look what I found.. THE MOTHER LODE .. down hereimages (75) in Mexico ! We are finding our way down here to the tune of thousands of us old people.. every day.. making the trek. WE ARE GETTING OUR TEETH BACK…. finally.

welcomeHe might not be the real tooth fairy but he has certainly fixed me up with a brighter smile. That he is not hard to look at is a bonus! I mean if you need to be suffering at a dentist office you may as well pick a cute one.

The stress of visiting dentists is sometimes too much for me.. so when I arrived today for more of it and he was a little behind I postponed the implants to next week. The work done so far is really good and I’m not sorry..  but I really need a break.

Getting all my teeth done has been something I should have done years ago. Because of an aversion to dentists my teethimages3EWDFEUA are in really poor shape. I decided to bite the bullet this year and remedy that situation. This particular dentist and I go back a few years. His beautiful young wife/receptionist had to hold my hand while he drilled and filled. (tears streaming down my face .. I couldn’t stop them)

mainEveryone frowns when I say I get my teeth done in Mexico but truth be told , they have some of the best dentists around. AND there are a lot of them !  They are busy all the time with us snowbirds and Dr. Arturo Castillo is one of the best.

Implants run around 1200.00  each or less and caps or crowns about 130.00 each.. all xrays are free..  as is a quote. I have had so many xrays that I am infertile now.. thank goodness for that. Teeth cleaning runs about 150.00 as does teeth whitening.

The hardest part about going to Mexico is leaving and with long line-ups to get out. It is not unusual to wait in line for several hours but I have DSC03896been fortunate and 45 minutes was the longest so far. Someone said even Reba McIntire was seen standing in this same line.(not sure when that was)

Algoddonnes Mexico (all with-in ten square blocks) has the most dentists than anywhere else in all of Mexico (over 350). They even have guys that do ‘drive by’ root canals… they come in and just do the root canals and then leave! I had that done years ago with this dentist and it was virtually painless and best of all it was fast!! And that is all important .. get me outta there quick before I change my mind.

imagesZMK1MM2QImplants have taken over and I need three of them as well as having the rest of my teeth crowned. A chipped front tooth and older fillings in the front has them looking ‘old’ hmmm.. so here I am.

Getting glasses will be my next stop, seems I lost my good prescription glasses on the trip down here .. must have left them somewhere. But not to worry there are as many optical places as there are dental.. free eye exams as well!

So .. ok.. no frills offices.. no big huge waiting rooms and no waiting months for an appointment. The office I go to is called Castle Dental.. it is spotlessly clean with modern décor and a big screen TV..  set to the news channel. A big black leather comfy couch (which I sink into and really relax) and 4 or 5 leather comfortable chairs. imagesQHPNL6E8

He has all the modern equipment and attends seminars and conferences in Mexico and the states to keep abreast of his profession. Mexico and California have an exchange program as well for a lot of dentists. There is no lack of work here.

These guys know their stuff and why not? They are probably doing way more patients a day than most dentists back home. imagesXP80HP2PThe price is right..  nearly 75 to 80% cheaper than back home and they guarantee their services.

Did I mention they are fast .. well not quite fast enough for me.. I managed to get a short reprieve till my next appointment.. oh.. well.. he did want me to come back tomorrow but .. well.. uh .. hmmm.. hmmm…. man o man I just need a little away time.. whew…

And that boys and girls is the story of the tooth fairy… now make sure to invest all that money that was left for your teeth! You are going to need it when they put them back into you………. THE END.