Let Them Eat Pie !

Here it is the first week of January into the new year. How is everyone doing with their resolutions I wonder? Lizzy  (the gal I wrote about’ Elizabeth Taylor is not dead’ story) is also a bit like ‘Auntie Acid’ that cartoon character .. I wonder if she will let me post a picture… maybe.

imagesLDCINTHZWe decided to challenge ourselves to lose some weight.. thank goodness .. I needed something to help motivate me. We didn’t plan any particular way to do this.. we have done every imaginable diet there is and still we suffer from this ongoing struggle. Well actually it isn’t a struggle when you don’t care… loll I quite like it actually.

So we figured just a challenge .. who could do better? She is very competitive as am I. I sent her home on Sunday with the leftover corn salad (that she just loves) hoping she would eat it all! (I am trying to fatten her up.. that is my secret strategy)

She shared this at the pool yesterday .. we always talk about food at aqua-fit..  she eats what she wants first then eats the corn salad so it will push everything out the other end… hahaha. That is her strategy..  thanks for sharing that Lizzy..  we are still trying to flush that image , pardon the pun.images (54)

We thought maybe to make it interesting we should wage some money but I suggested wearing a small sign..  like a name tag instead. So as not to make it too negative (we need to support ourselves here.. ya know) I thought it should have a meaningful message.

When life gives you lemons..  make lemon pie, but that doesn’t mean you should eat the whole thing. We would have to wear it until our next weigh-in. We weigh in tonight.. see..  we started on new years eve after the party. We need to weigh- in the evening .. morning would be a no brainer..  we all know everyone weighs less in the morning.

Anticipating our great success on the first week accomplished, we also decided..  at the pool today.. to go to our favorite restaurant after weigh-in and have a piece of their decadent pie! Her sister is in town and we would like to introduce her to the mile high pie at this place. I have to confess I can hardly wait!

thL1ZHV3J3Why is it when you can’t have something it is all you can think about? This is not about depriving ourselves of things we love to eat but rather …hmmmmmm… yep I guess it is about that ..dam!

It is really a shame we can’t just eat what we want .. well some of us can.. but the rest want to eat our share and yours too.. ! Chocolate is a no-no but my daughter eats it everyday.. just a bit. Yes .. she IS an alien.. please don’t tell anyone. Who can eat just a bit of chocolate anyway (besides her) it is not human nature (that’s how I KNEW).

I need to confess we have a secret weapon in our arsenal.. it is the juice of a cactus. Now we only need to figure outpie how to get it out of the cactus! And that is how we get our exercise. Actually we bought some and it was helping to curb our appetites.. but that was before we went on the diet.

Lets just say it is not working today or it is visions of that dam pie that is interfering with all my good intentions…. ok you look at the pictures and tell me if you could resist? Lets just say.. let them eat PIE ! insert a happy face here……pie 3 pie 2