images (77)The world seems to be going crazy.. and I just don’t know if we are ever going to be done with all this terrorism? How did we get to here in the first place I wonder? Do we need to scale back our involvement in other countries and let them handle it themselves?

Lord knows we fought in two major world wars for freedom and here we are still at it! Are we .. and I mean all of us (the whole human race) that naïve that we believe everyone should be the same as us? And barring that then we should shove our own beliefs down everyone else’s throat until WE ARE all the same? REALLY?

We race to defend freedom everywhere and yet our very own freedoms seem to be put in jeopardy? We are giving birth to our own children that are turning to these terrorism cults. What is with that? What are we doing wrong and how do we remedy that?

Does anyone actually have an answer to all this madness? I have sooooo many questions and I know there are no answers.. and that is even more troubling! Do we as mothers need to start teaching our children to defend themselves not only against molesters but terrorists as well?

imagesFVR4TUHGThese men.. and women too I guess.. were children once and I’m sure they have moms and dads and siblings. Are they fighting over religion.. oil.. or food and shelter? What has happened to common sense in all of this?

Sometimes I wonder if a world catastrophic event is going to take place.. and everyone will need to pull together just to survive? Nothing like an earthquake or a flood or even a huge snowfall to get rid of all the petty differences huh?

Maybe we need to give all those that promote terror a ‘time out’ or failing that a spanking.. geeze! I know that is frivolous speaking but I’m at a loss for words. What happened to right and wrong.. good and bad.. consequences for bad behavior?

Where can we start.. what can we do.. if anything? There has to be something don’t you think? As much as I am accepting of other religions and images7T3JINRVcultures maybe we have gone too far in accepting and making allowance for all of them?

When I am in other countries I need to accept their limitations on how I should dress and where I can go. Tourists abroad need to be mindful of other countries customs and cultures. Back in our country we bend over backwards to allow other cultures to come here and integrate into our lives.

We accept and promote freedoms never accepted in places where theese people come from. We even change our own laws and rules to make sure these same people are not made to feel uncomfortable. Heck we’ll even fight and die for their right to have these freedoms.

There is something terribly wrong with this picture and I am afraid for my kids and my grandkids.. what kind of a world are we leaving them with? I am not afraid for myself .. I have lived my life..

images (76)BUT.. I am not content to leave this mess that we have created for future generations if there will be any.. FIGURING IN ALL THE WAYS  we are finding to kill each other off!! 

Is it really necessary to kill someone that disagrees with your point of view?? Well… IS IT ????