Time-sharing Sucks !

images (4)Well have you ever had a time-share ? What did you think about it .. was it worth the wait? I am sitting here waiting for my kids to call me so I can pick them up for our own personal time-sharing. The Ex has all the fun stuff .. like motor cycles and dune buggy things and .. pontoon boat..  and I only have a golf cart that my son needed to fix to get it running for me..

It has to be hard for them too.. I guess. Marriage has dropped to only 50% of the options for couples so divorces should also be dropping as less people get married.. thank goodness. Splitting time between your aging parents must be a pain sometimes.. but necessary.

Keeping everyone happy will never happen and I need to remind myself of that as I sit here waiting my turn with them. I have planned the whole day ahead and we are already behind because they must have slept in. Hmmm…. now what to eliminate from my plans?

I wanted to not only do breakfast but bake buns (I have this need inside of me to teach a younger generation how to make bread).. a trip to the territorial prison (a local landmark) do lunch .. then the pool for some sun time. I planned a big barbeque (I have the biggest juiciest steaks) for supper.. my BBQ has never been used .. so this will be it’s inauguration!

The time is also accounted for after supper .. a movie and then a trip to my favorite  place for THE BEST PIE  in Yuma.. Coppermine Kitchen (I untitled (57)wrote about it on another blog). There is also one other thing needing attention ..  the antenna for my TV, but I will not push him on that.

All my son did was work the first day he was with me and I feel somewhat bad about that. I did get to pick up and take my daughter-in-law shopping on borrowed time. We had such fun but it was too short as well… dam!

Waw… waw… waw… I hate sharing… I really do, but it is part of the deal I guess. We need to remember that.. when we make life decisions that affect everyone.. including.. but especially kids. That they were grown -up and on their own is sooo much better than if they were still at home, but still it hurts.

Doesn’t make it better when you share them for holidays either.. maybe we should have a time-share agreement for kids visits when we get old? For our benefit.. of course.. not theirs! aaahhhh… see what happens when you write it down?  I just seen how selfish I am .. geeze.. it is their life not mine.. now.

Ok.. so I am selfish .. and yes.. I don’t want to share them. I guess I will have to go to that garden and eat worms.. ah well.. we will eliminate the images (79)baking buns and maybe the prison. And.. and.. just maybe they will not want to do anything… 

Time- sharing sucks !!  I don’t like it.. and there is nothing I can do about it except.. please.. please lord .. don’t let me whine and try to  make them feel bad when they show up. I don’t want to sound just like my mother.. when I didn’t go visit her.. it’s that darn Karma again.

(once again.. I am sooooo sorry mom that I didn’t visit you more often)

Hindsight huh?

The end