living a life after catering.. cold turkey.. ? well….

Is there such a thing as a life after catering? Well yes and no.. yes you can eventually have a life and no .. you will always look at stuff and want to buy it and put food into it. Someone is hosting a luncheon or a breakfast and you will just want to go up and change the table around and put some risers under the food.. maybe a few flowers.

untitled (60)An old fashioned round chafer with a long wooden handle caught my attention in a thrift store and I bought it. I’m thinking I could freeze some ice in the bottom and put seafood in the insert (I know.. I am allergic to seafood ).. but a different take on what it is supposed to do.

images2320JROTThrift stores  is a growing trend here in ‘old people land’ .. we give stuff to the goodwill and then search it out and buy it back! I wish I was kidding..  check it out. They have every color and size vase’s you could ever dream of putting a vegetable garden intoCountry-Style-BBQ-49-150x150.. really. I use them for flowers now but I am ready.. should the occasion arise.

It is really hard to not buy catering stuff at these places. I have to keep telling myself if the kids need it,  they will buy it. My vehicle is only so big anyway to be hauling back stuff.. especially the big unit that holds all the trays .. it was only fifty bucks ! AND it was a heavy duty one too.

 My daughter-in-law came across this wonderful find of mine and asked “what the heck are you going to do with this?”  Oh man.. all my visions of taking it back for them to display great food ideas in, went out the window .. geeze!

Ok just kidding .. this is the ‘pitchfork steak fondue’

Ah well .. all is not lost, I start planning my own party in my head for my new friends down here. I will use that great chafer for something ..  and everyone will ohhhh and ahhhh and I will take pictures and send them back to my kids.. hah!

The kids did come visit me (it is slow time for the catering back home). It was not a long enough visit for me, but they probably thought it was more than long enough. My golf cart is running now and my shed is no longer falling apart, the cupboards and pantry are all organized and my BBQ is now put together. Oh hell.. I guess I am going to have to cook something now…( see this is a new revelation.. I DON’T WANT TO COOK.. AT ALL!!) at least not for myself.. give me 50people to cook for and I will get excited : )

We discuss business, and it is good.. seems like Saskatchewan is still thriving and booming. One big corporate client is pinching pennies and kids have decided to give them a pass and let someone else do it for cheap. I suggest they offer them the ‘food only’ option as an alternative, before they give them up. But sometimes you need to let a client go and if they don’t come back to you then you need to hunt them down and.. oops my outside voice!thumbs_country-style-bbq-18

They decided to pass on a small job that I catered in the past.. it is a fundraiser, but I loved the hosts and the people and the kids helping out. So I make a deal with them to use the kitchen stuff, but I will cater it.. I will not make any money but the cause is one that is dear to me.(it will give me my fix)

S’mores bar

Life after catering huh? Sure.. I started a new company (with-in three months of ‘retiring’) and had big plans to start a takeout only ‘real food’ place. I also had a strategic plan,  for schools,  that would create business during the week in the mornings, when the kitchen was not busy. It included a way for schools to raise funds, for much needed educational supplies.

On the back burner is my ‘baby’ .. an invention that I have been trying to tweak and find the right resources to make it materialize. It seems retirement is not ready for me yet. Then there is this blog which I would write for myself .. even if no one reads it because when I write it down sometimes answers come to me and besides I get to ‘talk’ all I want..

Well the take-out food will have to wait for someone younger to do it (I have all the ideas if anyone is interested). The school thing is also a huge job (but could be replicated through-out the country) also  needs someone young and energetic. (my kids are too focused on the catering and much to busy to take on a project like I was envisioning .. I was looking at the bigger picture and the long haul).. besides I am their mom and what do I know…?

This is my great ‘find’ six bucks! (ok 3.00.. it was 50% off day)

ok now where was I.. oh ya.. life after catering, I suppose you will never get away from it completely. I get my fix at Catersource in Vegas and I will be there again this year. I have this really cute wooden handle chaffer.. maybe I will bring it and give it to Jack Milan or Emily Ellyn or even Meryl Snow I just KNOW they will do something AWESOME with it! (please take pictures and send to my kids..)

Ok I am off to the goodwill store .. it is 50% off everything today..